Syracuse Orange: 7 examples of how Dome field advantage helps Cuse

Syracuse Orange (Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images)
Syracuse Orange (Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images) /

What if I told you that what you post on social media and do in public has implications, whether that be for Syracuse Orange sports or other stuff? And that it’s not just what happens on the field or court that matters to some. What if attending games and social media statements might just be something that impacts the program, too?

Listen, I’m not saying you can’t be disappointed or saying if you don’t show up that you’re a bad fan. This is not to call anyone out but simply talk about observations I’ve made based on talking to people and stuff I’ve read.

I am a big believer though I’m that if you can attend, hopefully you will and what you post on social media can be seen by anyone including staff, players and possible recruits. There is a power in speaking positively and showing unwavering support for the team.

And I’ve noticed there seems to be a what comes first mentality sometimes in the ‘Cuse fanbase in regards to attendance as well. And by that I mean there are those who say “fans will come if the Syracuse Orange wins” but also some who state emphatically that if fans show up, it helps the team morale which leads to wins and even possibly better recruits.

So today I’m going to share seven different stories/statements that show that showing up matters. I have seen several examples over the years but sadly can’t find many of them but I do have some I will share.

Here are examples of how the JMA Wireless Dome helps Syracuse Orange sports.

1. The Mobcast

I’ll start with one of the most current discussions that involves Syracuse Orange defensive leaders Caleb Okechukwu and Marlowe Wax Jr. This is a clip shared online by a friend and former Otto’s Army president Jonathan Danilich from their first podcast of this season encouraging fans to #PackTheDome.

2. Pittsburgh Panthers DB Ray Vinopal

In a 2014 article, the now-retired Bud Poliquin shared a piece about how the Dome should be the number one home-field advantage. He shares an account from former Syracuse football beat writer Stephen Bailey where Pittsburgh defensive back Ray Vinopal says it was a hard place to play. He does state no matter the attendance, it was still difficult and I think that’s something worth sharing.

3. Dwight Freeney and Jim Caldwell

Also in 2014, the Syracuse blog Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician, a blog I used to occasionally do guest posts on and credit for my interest in Syracuse Orange blogging, did a post by site writer and head honcho Sean Keeley. Sean talks about games he attended that were loud but also includes quotes from former NFL coach Jim Caldwell and one of the best defensive players to come out of Syracuse University, Dwight Freeney. Both men say it’s the loudest stadium they’ve ever played in.

4. 50,248 fans = 107.8 decibels

In 2019, then football beat writer Nate Mink (who is now a managing producer in sports there) talked about how loud it got in a 41-6 loss to then-number one Clemson. And yes before someone points out, I’m aware sadly the Syracuse Orange lost decisively but I’m not saying every game will be won but it will help. This game as mentioned had 50,248 in attendance and as Nate states in the story, the noise got really loud. He states that they used a mobile app called Decibel X to measure the levels and it registered at 107.8 which is as loud as a diesel truck. And while the Orange did lose, if you don’t think this level of support won’t help more often than not, I think you’re sadly mistaken.

5. Jim Boeheim

In 2019, Hall of Fame Syracuse Orange basketball head coach Jim Boeheim vented to the press after a 63-58 win over Oakland. According to the article posted by basketball journalist Donna Ditota, Coach Boeheim states how “sad” and “sickening” it was when the crowd was too quiet for his liking and had to cheer himself to try and get people into it. He then states that the crowd picking up the noise did in fact “pick up the defense” and allowed them to pull away for the win.

6. Dino Babers and multiple players

In August 2021, journalist Chris Carlson wrote about Syracuse football players and coaches coming off the Covid season with no fans in attendance. In the story, he quotes several players and head coach Dino Babers talking how much of an advantage there is to having fans in the JMA Wireless Dome. They discuss “thriving off the fans” and getting “fired up” hearing how loud it can get when the PA announcer shouts, “THIRD DOWN!”

7. Western Michigan head coach Lance Taylor

And I’ll wrap this up with this video of a current opposing coach outright stating the impact courtesy of CNY Central sports reporter Tommy Sladek. Tommy interviewed current Western Michigan head coach and former Louisville offensive coordinator Lance Taylor before the Syracuse Orange/Western Michigan game earlier this season. Tommy asks Coach Taylor if the crowd impacted the play calling while he was at Louisville to which the coach explains it definitely caused issues including pre-snap penalties. And while as I said above, a large loud crowd may not always equal wins, it definitely helps give the home team more advantages that could equal more wins than not.

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