Syracuse Basketball: 4-star Kiyan Anthony can carve his own ‘Cuse legacy

Syracuse basketball (Syndication: The Commercial Appeal)
Syracuse basketball (Syndication: The Commercial Appeal) /

As my brother and fellow site contributor Neil Adler shared in a post, 2025 four-star shooting guard Kiyan Anthony recently did a podcast where he discussed the possibility of coming to Syracuse basketball. For those unaware, Kiyan is the son of former Syracuse University basketball player and national champion Carmelo Anthony.

Some have speculated that this is Kiyan’s destiny, to which Neil and I both agree that it’s too early to say. And some are wondering if he can carve his own legacy or if coming to Syracuse basketball might be hard to overcome the legacy of his father, who helped bring Syracuse basketball its only championship in 2003 and has the Carmelo K. Anthony Basketball Center on campus as well.

Legacies are a tricky subject because so much of it is dependent on who you ask and I guess what they accomplish themselves. I for one try not to base my impressions of someone on who they’re related to because we are all different in our own ways.

Four-star Kiyan Anthony can carve his own Syracuse basketball legacy.

If Kiyan Anthony were to attend Syracuse, I’m sure many will likely share their admiration of his father and stories of the time they met him or watched him. I’m sure they’ll wish him well and possibly some might “hope he’s as good as his dad was.”

It’s kind of inevitable BUT having said that, Kiyan is himself a 4-star athlete according to those kind of sites so let the record show, he earned his Syracuse offer not due to his father’s legacy but his own play. And much like Andy Rautins playing at the same school his father Leo was a star at, Andy earned his scholarship and had a great career of his own despite the running gag on social media being how long would it take to mention his father.

And right now on the women’s basketball team, Lexi McNabb is proving she belongs at Syracuse on her own accord and not just because she’s the daughter of not just one former Syracuse star but both parents who had successful Orange careers.

And Carmelo seems like a very supportive father so he’ll likely attend games to watch his son and I am sure will end up on camera often as well. But again, Kiyan Anthony might get these references and maybe a few comparisons by some but I like to believe most will judge him based on his personality and his ability more than anything. And that camera will pan back to the court 30 seconds later allowing Kiyan and his teammates the opportunity to play and earn their own reputations.

And if somehow Syracuse basketball could convince him to come to Syracuse and get 5-star point guard Tyler Jackson to come as well, I could definitely see the both of them being successful together and paving their own paths. Both players have offers and there have been discussions they might take their official visits together. And that 2025 team with two top-tier athletes like them potentially on campus together could be special in their own way as well.

And in the age of NIL deals, Kiyan could find deals and such that fit his own personality, something his dad was unable to do during his time at Syracuse basketball. I could see Kiyan Anthony doing something with local and national businesses and even creating his own merchandise should he desire to do so. It’s not just about money but also ways to make your own business opportunities and explore creative avenues.

In conclusion, it’s my contention that though he would occasionally get some fans or discussion about his father during broadcasts, he will have the opportunity to carve out his own legacy. He has the talent to prove he belongs or else he wouldn’t be a 4-star recruit with numerous offers including Syracuse basketball, and he will prove it himself wherever he goes.

And wherever he goes, there will always be references to Carmelo by some regardless of where he plays but at least at Syracuse he’s also welcomed as part of the family with the opportunity to prove himself on the court.

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