Syracuse Football: Clemson player trolling Sean Tucker on Twitter is lame

Syracuse football, Sean Tucker (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images)
Syracuse football, Sean Tucker (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images) /

In the wake of No. 5 Clemson picking up a strong win at home over then-No. 14 Syracuse football over the weekend, a player on the Tigers roster took to Twitter and trolled Orange running back Sean Tucker.

I’m all for fun on social media, but I found this tweet from Clemson redshirt senior defensive end K.J. Henry to be obnoxious, unnecessary and immature.

Here’s what Henry wrote: “I am #PL34SED with our performance (well only in the 2nd half) #SuccessfulSunday.”

Henry using “#PL34SED” is obviously a reference to Sean Tucker, whose tweets after ‘Cuse football games evolved into a Heisman Trophy campaign slogan for him created by SU Athletics prior to the 2022 season commencing.

A Clemson player has trolled Syracuse football running back Sean Tucker.

Now, I’m sure some folks will read this column and call me a sore loser. While I’ll take the heat for that, respectfully, this isn’t me being a sore loser. Not in the least.

In fact, as much as I love Syracuse Orange sports, and I’m a proud alumnus of Syracuse University, if a ‘Cuse player were to do something similar to Henry, I’d characterize that as flat-out bush league in a heartbeat.

Here’s why. I’m totally good with some light-hearted fun, and taking non-personal jabs that are humorous and silly. But Clemson won the game. Why the need for Henry to troll Sean Tucker?

Shouldn’t Henry just feel good about the Tigers defeating the Orange, 27-21, in Death Valley and move on? I don’t know Henry at all, and he could very well be a good dude.

It just left a sour taste in my mouth to see that tweet from Henry. Syracuse football junior linebacker Mikel Jones did respond to Henry’s tweet, which I’ve included here.

Hey, I’m the first to admit that the Orange, now ranked No. 16 in the top-25 polls, laid an egg in the second half. The ‘Cuse, on the strength of its MOB defense, bolted out to a 21-10 advantage at halftime.

But in the second half, even though there were some unfortunate officiating issues, Syracuse football didn’t score any points. The Orange defense created two turnovers in each half, but those two turnovers forced in the second half didn’t result in any points by the squad’s offense.

Syracuse football also did itself no favors with all of the penalties that it committed, primarily in the second half. So, yeah, Clemson played well in the third and fourth quarters. It was also frustrating that Sean Tucker only had five carries throughout the entire encounter.

Much like a couple of years ago in Death Valley, the Tigers stormed back to knock off the Orange at home. I give all the credit in the world to Clemson.

What’s more, I admire the Tigers program, which has been the premier team in the Atlantic Coast Conference for a long time now. Clemson has won two national championships in recent years and is almost always in the College Football Playoff.

I respect the Tigers’ head coach, Dabo Swinney, who has spoken highly and shown a lot of class toward Syracuse football over the years.

Maybe I’m overreacting with my thoughts here. If I am, feel free to let me know. I simply don’t get why Henry needed to send out that tweet. It felt childish to me. Oh well. On to Notre Dame at the JMA Wireless Dome this coming Saturday afternoon.

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