Syracuse Football: 44 reasons why the Orange can win the ACC

Syracuse football (Mandatory Credit: Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports)
Syracuse football (Mandatory Credit: Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports) /

When your friend presents an idea about Syracuse football, you initially laugh at it only to realize that it might be fun to do, challenges you, and you like his idea so much that you attempt it:

After a long Twitter exchange with my friend Jeff and my brother from another mother and site bro Neil Adler, I put together a list and sure enough, I could easily find 44 reasons why I think Syracuse football could win the ACC championship.

I know many lost faith after the Rutgers loss but not me. I preached patience and said an 8-9 win season was still possible and I see no reason to back down now. I said let’s see what the next couple of games gave us and Syracuse football won them. So while I am not saying run to WynnBet and wage all of your paycheck, I am simply saying from what I have seen so far this season, I think it’s possible and I believe in the Orange!

Here are 44 reasons why Syracuse football can win the ACC in 2021.

  1. #WhyNotCuse
  2. Sean Tucker deserves number 44, is a possible Heisman contender and a potential future first-round draft pick
  3. Mikel Jones: Leader of the ‘Cuse defense
  4. The Loud House
  5. Taj Harris
  6. Coach Dino Babers
  7. 3-3-5 defense is working out really well
  8. Dome Dogs
  9. Andre Szmyt
  10. Garrett Shrader/Tommy DeVito
  11. Cody Roscoe – Riveting quarterback hunter
  12. Blue Tusk is closed and we’re sad about it
  13. Return of the Rhino
  14. Garrett Williams
  15. Penalties can be minimized
  16. Duce Chestnut is young but full of potential
  17. Kingsley Jonathan
  18. Clemson is struggling
  19. FSU is struggling
  20. Syracuse residents love Charlotte and enough live in the area to fill the stadium
  21. Josh Black’s lost phone might be in North Carolina by now
  22. No more games refereed by the same guys who did the Rutgers game
  23. How freaking funny would it be if SU and Duke played in the ACC championship game after many picked them both to finish last respectively in their divisions?
  24. Damien Alford
  25. Improved offensive line play
  26. As the special teams unit gets experience, they’ll improve
  27. Wake, Clemson, Pitt and BC are all Dome Field advantage games
  28. The division champion likely won’t need to go undefeated this season
  29. Marlowe Wax
  30. Caleb Okechukwu
  31. If Luke Benson returns, I think he can play a key role for this team
  32. The two best chicken places are Bojangles (Charlotte area fast food) and Tully’s (Syracuse area sit down)
  33. This isn’t last year’s team
  34. We need a new Orange shirt for our collections
  35. McKinley Williams
  36. Dakota Davis is healthier
  37. Anthony Queeley
  38. 3.5 games were the over/under for wins in the season…how do you like them apples?
  39. Playing for a chance to play on prime time TV on ABC
  40. The drive from Syracuse to Charlotte is simple. Drive I-81 to I-77 and you’re there!
  41. The German Maximilian Mang
  42. Courtney Jackson
  43. #WhyNotCuse
  44. In memory of Floyd Little


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