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Syracuse Football: Cody Roscoe is a riveting quarterback hunter

Syracuse football, Cody Roscoe (Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports)
Syracuse football, Cody Roscoe (Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports) /

In a season where many, including myself, have hyped up names like Josh Black, McKinley Williams and Kingsley Jonathan, Syracuse football defensive lineman Cody Roscoe has emerged as another name worthy of putting some respect on his name.

This past weekend against Albany, the Syracuse football defense had NINE quarterback sacks, and three of those belonged solely to Cody Roscoe, his career-high. For those who do not know, Cody transferred to the Orange last season from McNeese State and actually was third on the team with 6 tackles for losses. Unfortunately, we only get him for last season and this season but he is quickly making the most of his time at Syracuse and many people are taking notice.

If you want to learn more about Cody Roscoe, you can check him out in this YouTube interview with Brian Higgins before the Albany game. Or I can gladly inform you that Cody and his fellow linemen are doing a great job getting tackles and getting into the backfield to bring the pressure.

Syracuse football defensive lineman Cody Roscoe is a talented and underrated player.

I know many fans and media will be looking mostly at stats and turnovers as solid proof of production but I think underestimating their ability to contain the teams they’ve played is very important as well. Even with the Rutgers loss, there was a lot of physical play from the front line and pressure on the offense for most of the game, including from Cody.

If there is a player on defense that I am not constantly looking to see how well he produces, Cody Roscoe is towards the top of the list now. The defense as a unit has been very impressive this season so far and playing with a high intensity that will keep the Orange in any game. I would not be shocked one bit to see Cody or others get some awards as the season plays out, and I believe those looking for turnovers and stats will not have to look hard to find them.

With the new 3-3-5 scheme showing to be successful, I am hopeful it continues and that Cody along with others get some good looks when the NFL scouting combines and workouts come around at the end of the season.


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