Syracuse Orange: Top 5 reasons Conor McGregor will shock the world

LAS VEGAS, NV - AUGUST 23: Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. (L) and UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor face off during a news conference at the KA Theatre at MGM Grand Hotel
LAS VEGAS, NV - AUGUST 23: Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. (L) and UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor face off during a news conference at the KA Theatre at MGM Grand Hotel /

This is a Syracuse Orange story that can help us start believing again in miracles. Paul Sr details how that can happen tonight in the fight of the century.

This article is for all of us among the Syracuse Orange who are hoping that the report of Jon Jones drug test failure is not true. Jon is a local boy turned World Champion and as chronicled in the ‘There must be something in the water’ series came from a family of champions.

A quick look back at that family of champions includes his brothers Arthur and Chandler Jones who both played for the Syracuse Orange football team. Both are Super Bowl champions respectively with the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots. 

While we do live in America and we are innocent until proven guilty, this writer for one is hoping that Jon Jones is innocent.  

A curious fact is that Jon Jones was tested several times randomly during training camp (which he was clean for each of them) but for the test that he knew was coming (the prefight drug test) came up positive.

Conspiracy theory?

I am not suggesting a conspiracy theory but as Judge Judy says if it doesn’t make sense it probably isn’t true. So we will have to wait and see what happens.  

This puts at least a temporary hold on a potential ‘Fight of the Century’ between the greatest

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pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC (Jones) and the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar. Lesnar is a former part time professional football player, WWE wrestler, UFC Fighter and full time side show freak.

But fellow Central New Yorkers, do not despair because later tonight is a fight at least as intriguing if not more so. Of course that’s between, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and The Notorious Conor McGregor.  

One of the greatest boxers of all time against one of the most galvanizing personalities in the UFC. So while we are waiting for the Syracuse home opener next Friday night, go to your favorite local sports bar and watch what could be the sporting event that could define our generation.

The sports line currently gives Conor no chance to beat the World’s greatest boxer in his first ever boxing match.  

I would like to offer you a different point of view and the Top 5 reasons that Conor McGregor will shock the World:

Fast pace:

Boxers are used to a slow controlled match with a measured pace and twelve rounds to wait for an opening or break an opponent down. UFC fighters live in a world of controlled chaos of constant attacking. Despite Conor relegated to just using his fists he will push Floyd to the ropes and keep constant pressure that Money is not used to having.

Lighter gloves:

This bout has sanctioned lighter gloves to McGregor’s favor. As he is used to striking with essentially little or no gloves and Floyd is using to punching someone with a pillow wrapped around his fist. This will be problematic for Floyd as he will be getting harder than he is used to and his hands will hurt when he makes contact without the padding that he is accustomed to having.

Boxing rules:

Believe it or not this again gives the Notorious one an edge. He is used to full on grappling for five minutes with a one minute break.  

Boxing rounds are only 3 minutes long with a one minute break. To put this in perspective after 15 minutes of fighting Conor is used to only two minutes of rest while on Saturday night he will have over five minutes of rest. Couple that with the lactic acid build up and exhaustion from pushing someone against the fence for ten minutes. This is a clear edge for the UFC Champion. 


Floyd along with being the greatest he believes his own hype.  In his mind he has already won and he is counting the money.


Boxing is the sport of kings.  

Typically boxers look for openings and do not take too many risks.  This is exemplified in Floyd Mayweather’s boxing style.  His critics have often accused him of failing to finish fights confident that he will win fights on points.  

Conor’s style couldn’t be more different.  He will go for broke with no fear.  He has lost a fight shook it off and went back and defeated the fighter he lost too and turned around and won another championship.  His legacy won’t be tarnished by a loss, frankly everyone expects him to lose.  Floyd’s legacy on the other hand would be decimated. 

Similarly to the New England Patriots’ infamous 18-1 season. Mayweather would be 49-1 for his career.

When I was growing up, we were locked in the Cold War with the Russians and at times it appeared they were winning.  The turning point, as ridiculous as it sounds, in the Cold War came with a group of college kids taking on the professional hockey team that the Russians put on the ice for the 1980 Olympics.  No one gave them a chance to make it out of the first period.

Now 37 years later I can still hear Al Michaels say ‘Do you believe in miracles’?  

That sporting event redefined an era. Today my generation can remember it like it was yesterday. Well if I were you I’d figure out a way to tune in on Saturday night because this might just be this generation’s Miracle on Ice. I can already see the headline: ‘Down goes Mayweather, down goes Mayweather’.

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This can restore faith in miracles. It can provide hope that perhaps Bones Jones isn’t another tarnished idol. We’ve seen these idealistic like icons crumble before: Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, hopefully Bones isn’t next.

Today in our country we could use a miracle …