Boeheim’s Army: Player Profile- Eric Devendorf

In this Eight-Part Series featuring the members of Boeheim’s Army, we will look at each player, as well as what they’ve done since they left Syracuse Basketball.

Eric Devendorf

Guard: 2005-2009

Eric Devendorf is someone you don’t want to mess with, especially on the basketball court. Known for being a smack-talker in college, he was someone who would go right at you every possession and wouldn’t back down.

Syracuse Basketball fans were ecstatic to hear he would playing once again for Boeheim’s Army  as he brings heart and emotion to the team. Two years ago, he even got into a scrum in one of the games. It just goes to show he’ll give 110% for whoever he plays for.

As a child, I grew up watching Devendorf play. He played with intensity and demanded the ball when he had a open look or lane to the basket. He could score with ease when he wanted to on offense, but was also physical on defense.

My favorite memory of his, which most Syracuse fans will recollect is Devendorf standing on the sideline rail during the Big East Tournament. It was the end of regulation, the game was tied and there was 1.1 seconds on the clock and Syracuse had to heave the ball all the way down the floor.

Devendorf somehow miraculously picked up the ball and hoisted a three, which was nothing but net. He would yell at the crowd and jump on the railing beside him as he was surrounded by teammates.

To those who know this story all too well, the basket would be overruled and did not count. After refs looked at the replay, his fingertips were just barely on the ball before he released the shot. Hence, the most epic game in Syracuse Basketball history truly began: the six overtime ordeal with Uconn.

Though the buzzer beater didn’t count, it was truly an Eric Devendorf-type moment. He stepped up to where the fans could see him, and he just basked in the glory of the moment. That’s the type of emotion and passion he brings to the table for Boeheim’s Army this summer.

He went undrafted in the 2009 NBA Draft, but was picked up shortly after by the Reno Bighorns of the NBA’s D-League, according to He would stay in the league until 2012, and also play with the Idaho Stampede. He only averaged close to 10 points and one assist per game.

After his stint in the D-League he looked internationally to play. He would play in Ukraine for the SK Dnipro Azot team in 2012, the Super City Rangers (New Zealand) and Ilisiakos BC in Greece in 2013, and then suffered a herniated disc in his back which caused him to stop playing, according to

He almost signed with Proger BLS Chieti in Italy in 2014, but they deemed him not ready to play yet. In the past year, he played for Boeheim’s Army in addition to the Super City Rangers of New Zealand once again. He started all 18 games he played in, and averaged 25 points, 4 rebounds, and one assist per game, according to

Considering he has been a crucial force in driving the offense in the past two summer tournaments with Boeheim’s Army, I expect he will have a similar impact this year. He pushes the issue and takes it upon himself to lead the Army to victory. Considering his most recent stats and knowing the emotion he brings to the game, I expect he’ll once again play great again in front of the Orange faithful.

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