Syracuse Women’s Basketball: Alexis Peterson- Transforming Syracuse With Heart

The Syracuse Women’s Basketball team have impressed once again this season and lot of it has to do with the leadership displayed by Alexis Peterson. Inside the Loud House looks at what really drives her and Syracuse to success.

Alexis Peterson and the Syracuse Women’s Basketball team have been here before. The stakes are high and everyone doubts them. To most, the odds are high against them making another deep March run. Did that stop them last year though? Not one bit.

Coming off a season where the team beat the odds time and time again to advance to the national championship; they no longer fear what’s ahead. They’ve heard the critics and silenced them with their play. If they could do it once, they can do it again.

The media have already predicted the Orange will lose in the second round to the dynasty that is Uconn women’s basketball. The Syracuse women’s basketball team is smart though. They don’t listen to that nonsense. Why? It’s because they know that anything is possible if they just believe. Last year was a living testament to that.

Now you might think that it’s cheesy to say that, but it’s really not. I believe this team can beat anyone in the country when they put their mind to it. They play with heart and soul and no one exemplifies that more than Senior Alexis Peterson.

It’s Not All About Talent: It’s about Heart:

Peterson, the Atlantic Coast Conference’s Player of the Year, is one of the most talented female basketball players I’ve ever seen. Yeah she can score, dribble like crazy, and make free throws like

Peterson is an extremely talented women’s basketball player, but what sets her apart is that she has a heart for people as well as the game. Mandatory Credit: Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

nobody’s business, but its not her basketball skills that makes her so special. What sets her apart is that she has heart.

The heart is an organ, yes, but it is also a verb. Its not something you can buy, learn, or develop; its something you have to want. You have to want to try and give your all in order to sustain it. If you can do that, you’ll see it become contagious and rub off on other people. When that happens you have a transformation.

You can see her heart just by looking at her face when she plays. It shows in her smile and her laugh. I don’t have to know her or have met her to know what she’s like. She show’s it through her actions. Her whole demeanor just exudes kindness. Check out this video and you’ll see what I see:

Transformations Start by Leading by Example:

Alexis Peterson

Alexis Peterson is always looking for a way to pass the ball to her teammates. Oftentimes she knows she could score, but she chooses to give up the ball. Her teammates love her for being that unselfish. Mandatory Credit: Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

On the court, Peterson shows her love for her teammates in how she gives her all the entire game, and how she shares the rock. She encourages, she boosts her teammates confidence, and trusts them when the other team focuses on her. Sure, she’s got the talent that could easily go along with a big ego, but she doesn’t have that.

In fact, its the exact opposite.Having coached kids the game of basketball for 7+ years, I can tell you that its easy for players to get caught up playing for themselves. Some grow up to think basketball is all about scoring and winning. That’s not a wrong mentality, its just flawed. They don’t know that, but hopefully by how I act as a coach they’ll learn.

Basketball is a team sport, it always has been. Peterson is just one example of a leader who puts her teammates needs before her own. She shares the ball and assists her teammates without even a second thought. Yeah, from time to time you’ll see she has to score to keep the team afloat, but the team’s okay with that. Why? It’s because they trust her enough to know that when the time is right, she’ll trust them to finish the job.

Transformation Complete?

Peterson started a transformation in Syracuse. Mandatory Credit: Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse has been a bright spot these last few years because it has heart. Some of that comes from the mindset Coach Hillsman ingrains in his players. The rest of it, in my opinion comes from the impact that Peterson has left on the locker room. In my opinion, it was Peterson’s heart that transformed this team the last few seasons. There is no way i’ll ever be able to back that up, but I don’t have to.


If Peterson leaves SU making at least one lady in that locker room a better person, then she did what she came to do: start a transformation, and Syracuse is all the better for it.

Heart is what Alexis Peterson has brought to Syracuse Women’s basketball. Only time will tell how it will carry this team into the future without her.