The 5 biggest Syracuse football NFL Draft busts of the last 30 years

Since the early 1990s, which former Syracuse Orangemen have been the biggest busts after being drafted into the NFL?
Champ Sports Bowl - Syracuse vs Georgia Tech - December 21, 2004
Champ Sports Bowl - Syracuse vs Georgia Tech - December 21, 2004 / Al Messerschmidt/GettyImages
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Not everyone can go on to become the next Jim Brown or Marvin Harrison when they enter the NFL.

However, not every player who enters the NFL should have their career be a complete bust either.

Over the years, 229 former Syracuse Orangemen have been drafted into the league. While many of them have gone on to incredible professional careers, not all have continued their stardom in the NFL.

Over the last 30 years, Syracuse has had a handful of successful players in the league but there have also been a few Orangemen who have flopped once they hit the professional level.

Here are the five biggest NFL Draft busts from Syracuse over the last three decades:

. Round 2, Pick 43. Rob Konrad. Rob Konrad. 5. player. Rob Konrad. . 1999 NFL Draft. 445

  • 114 rushing yards
  • 1 rushing touchdown
  • 111 receptions
  • 854 receiving yards
  • 6 receiving touchdowns
Rob Konrad, Game
NFL Preseason - Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Miami Dolphins - August 28, 2004 / Al Messerschmidt/GettyImages

Drafted early in the second round of the 1999 NFL Draft, Rob Konrad was expected to be a stellar fullback in the NFL.

After he was draft pick No. 43, Konrad floundered in the league and failed to find his footing.

Over six seasons, Konrad earned just 114 rushing yards and 1 rushing touchdowns. His complete lack of running ability was slightly eased by his 854 receiving yards and 6 touchdowns.

Konrad scored just 7 total touchdowns and nearly had 1,000 all-purpose yards, far from the great running back he was expected to become.