David Tyree and two other greatest Syracuse hidden NFL Draft gems since 2000

Read about three former Orange players who snuck under the radars of most NFL teams. Despite being picked relatively late in their drafts, these three are stars.

Georgia Tech v Syracuse
Georgia Tech v Syracuse / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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Since the turn of the millennium, the Syracuse Orange has only had 42 players drafted into the NFL. 

For the most part, players expected to excel have done so, and those who weren’t drafted until the final day of the draft have struggled to make names for themselves in the league.

However, there’s that slim percentage of the in-between players who may have had doubters or naysayers yet were able to pull off successful careers.

Which Syracuse players can lay claim to those captivating underdog stories?

Here are three amazing hidden gems from Syracuse who went on to triumphant careers in the NFL: