Syracuse Football: Orange is new fast remixed, one more term for Babers?

Syracuse football (Mandatory Credit: Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports)
Syracuse football (Mandatory Credit: Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports) /

In my last post, I asked if what we saw against Pittsburgh on Saturday is the answer to some Syracuse football offense woes we’ve seen of late. What if the future lies in some version of that and what we’ve seen in the past with Eric Dungey and Garrett Shrader but using Dan Villari built like a tight end in that role? Could we see a new version of Orange is the new fast?

For reference, the one time I lost faith in Syracuse football was when a former athletic director and head coach tried to change the Syracuse tradition to be a USC lite. Jerseys were retired, a successful coach was chased away too soon and the option wasn’t utilized as often as I was used to.

In recent weeks, I’ve wondered if a version of the option might be more helpful. I loved it when it was done right as a Syracuse football fan in the past and now this team has some great weapons to utilize on the ground.

But seeing what we saw in Yankees Stadium, I can’t help but be impressed that the staff saw they had three weapons and found ways to use them more efficiently. So what if this is a scheme that might not only save jobs but guide this program to success?

I bet some of you are telling me to pump the brakes, right? Give it time before writing this. Well considering the fact that numerous people have written about firing the current staff and some fans are irate it didn’t already happen, I’d point out it’s only fair to show why that haste could set this program back again.

For Syracuse football, might we see a new version of Orange is the new fast?

Don’t forget while head coach Dino Babers has been here for eight seasons, he’s only had Coach Jason Beck as offensive coordinator for this season. What if the two just needed time to blend and find the right fit?

Dan Villari spent much of the offseason injured and only became available in September, according to Coach Babers in his most recent press conference. So it wasn’t until the season was already underway they saw what he could do. So what would happen if he got a whole offseason of reps until the tutelage of Coach Babers and Coach Beck, both of whom have had success in the past working with quarterbacks?

Most likely Garrett Shrader is gone after this season if I’m not mistaken. So what if you utilize Villari like you did him or even Eric Dungey? Maybe mix in Braden Davis or Carlos Del Rio-Wilson? What if you use a receiver with the speed of Donovan Brown like a Deebo Samuel or utilize the receivers still with a mobile QB? What if you keep utilizing LeQuint Allen Jr. just as you are now? What if you have a whole offseason to get them and your offensive line more prepared for this style of offense?

Listen, I don’t know how the season will finish or what decisions will be made after it. I do know that I think there is still reason to believe and root for this team. I believe this staff is filled with coaches I’d want my kids to play for and represent the university and program I love.

I’m just saying that if this new scheme for the offense shows potential, maybe let’s take some time to consider if blowing it all up and starting over from scratch is worth it. Don’t forget that if you move on, so will some of the players you root for now possibly, and some of the issues that have come with this program will still exist in comparison to other programs, especially ones with big money behind them.

So I say that if this team finishes strong and shows some potential, maybe don’t be as hasty as those who ran Coach P off. Maybe take a breath and ask if this is worth another season if they do finish strong, or are you willing to risk it all with no guarantees things will improve? Just a reminder that Coach Babers has been here eight seasons but not many of his staff have, including offensive and defensive coordinators who are both in their first season at Syracuse football in those positions.

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