Syracuse Football: My open letter to Orange football amid losing streak

Syracuse football (Mandatory Credit: Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports)
Syracuse football (Mandatory Credit: Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports) /

Dear Syracuse football players, staff and administrators,

My name is Chuck Fiello Jr. or Orange Chuck on social media. I’m not a journalist or an expert on football. I don’t want to be a critic or objective. I’m simply happy being a fan who likes blogging about my love of the program and just optimistically loving watching and supporting my Orange.

I don’t overanalyze play calling or technique. I don’t watch sports to pretend I’m a coach or player. I don’t set expectations without understanding things can change or I’m done nor do I ask too much of my team. I just want to relax and enjoy rooting for the team I’ve loved for 40 years.

So when this season started 4-0, I was happy and excited for the season. When it went to 4-4 with 4 straight bad losses, I felt disappointed but not overly upset at anyone. I don’t enjoy seeing the hate spewed on a Syracuse football program I love, though I feel everyone is entitled to feel how they wish.

My open letter to Syracuse football.

But I also know we have 4 games left this season. Win all 4 and it’s an 8-4 finish, which is a good one for this program. Win 2 at least and you’re bowl eligible and a bowl game is still a goal most find acceptable for the program. So I’d say winning between 2 to 4 of the games can still still mean some form of success. Also finishing strong sends a signal that this program never gave up.

I’ve also seen the social media posts about people wanting changes immediately starting at the very top. I however refrained and have this to say…the season isn’t over and I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet…unless you are.

If you tell me you’re still fighting, then I’m going to fight beside you. If you tell me you’ve given up and don’t care, then I will too. I don’t only look at the records…I look at my team and what I can do to support you through the good and the bad.

Those last 4 games were not enjoyable for any of us, but I’m not going to give up on you so long as you keep fighting. I don’t believe in wanting anyone fired or leaving unless there is no choice, especially people for whom I have the utmost respect and admiration. I believed in this team coming into this season and I don’t want to give up hope because of a few bad games.

That said, again I’ll stay fighting for you if you’re fighting too but if I’m wrong and you’re not up for such a challenge, I’ll just concede and join the frustrated asking for changes.

I truly think there are issues this Syracuse football program faces that those changes may not necessarily address and hence another reason for my continued support until those issues are addressed. You’re just throwing a new light bulb into a broken lamp without fixing the bigger issues.

Maybe I’m just naive and a homer fan but I don’t want to quit on you. I’m a big believer in lifting you up when you’re down and supporting you when you’re up, and that my favorite team is worth the joy and the heartaches. If you believe in people, together we can overcome anything if both sides are willing to fight.

Good luck in your last 4 games starting this Friday at home against Boston College. You’ve got two at home, one in New York City on a neutral field where many alumni reside and one away game. Let’s finish this season off strong because I believe in you my Syracuse football Orange.

And to quote the Syracuse fight song’s closing line, “For we’ll fight yes we’ll fight, and with all our might for the glory of Syracuse!”

Go Orange!

Lovingly yours,


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