Syracuse Football: Ticket deals available for the first two Orange games

Syracuse football (Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images)
Syracuse football (Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images) /

Are you a Syracuse football fan but on a budget? Maybe you want to take the family to a game but those costs add up when you do. Do they have deals for you? Let me help you help the Cuse.

For the first two home games of the 2023 season, you can get a pack of 4 tickets for a very low price plus other group deals as well. So save the apple picking for the third week when Syracuse football is playing an evening game at Purdue. It’s a fun experience for the family and a great chance to create memories with the kids.

SU Athletics notes these deals in this recent announcement, and further information on various packages is available here.

On September 2nd, Syracuse football will open its season against the Colgate Raiders in the JMA Wireless Dome beginning at 4 pm. Per SU Athletics, for the Colgate game, it will cost $55 to get four tickets, plus a chance to win a “prize pack.”

Or if you’re part of a big group, it’s also Celebrate NY Day and there are group ticket packages for New York state chambers of commerce and business groups, ranging from 15 to 250 people.

Syracuse football has some ticket packages for its first two home games.

On September 9th, the Orange will host the Western Michigan Broncos in the Dome at 3:30 pm. The family four-pack for this game is $15 a ticket ($60 for 4), and SU Athletics says you also have a chance to win that prize pack.

But also, if you’re in a scout troop, it’s Scout Day on the 9th, so you can get tickets for $15-$19 a piece if you purchase them as a group. Each scout will also get a patch, see their troop recognized on the scoreboard and have access to a pregame activity on the Quad (or as I refer to it, my happy place). And as a bonus, the troop/group that purchases the most tickets could win a special visit from Otto the Orange for a future scout function.

It’s also School Day on the 9th, so your school group can get the same deal as above except instead of a patch, you get an activity book and can participate in a post-game photo opportunity on the field. Just like the scout deal, the school group that purchases the most tickets can get Otto at a future school function.

So if you can afford it, I hope you’ll check out these deals and have fun as a family or as a group. I believe the children are our future…teach them well and let them be loud and lead the way to victory.

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