Syracuse Basketball: Change is good for the Orange this coming season

Syracuse basketball (Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports)
Syracuse basketball (Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Syracuse basketball team these past few seasons has not been the same team we have been used to seeing.

Under the direction of head coach Jim Boeheim, the Orange has missed the NCAA Tournament these past two seasons, playing lackluster basketball and losing games that they should have never lost. This would force Syracuse to make a change.

Now under the direction of new head coach Adrian Autry, can this team see a new future?

Change is good for Syracuse basketball.

Making Adjustments

Syracuse basketball has already made moves this off-season in the transfer portal, picking up guys such as guard J.J. Starling from the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and guard/wing Chance Westry from the Auburn Tigers. This shows that the new Orange head coach is effectively rebuilding this team, even after Syracuse basketball lost two key pieces in shooting guard Joe Girard III to the Clemson Tigers and center Jesse Edwards to the West Virginia Mountaineers.

Syracuse basketball is slowly looking to get better and with point guard Judah Mintz coming back after backing out of the NBA Draft this year, this Orange team might be looking to make a run for the tournament this year.

Defensive Changes

As Syracuse basketball fans have always remembered, the 2-3 zone defense has been the staple for years, as this defense was one of the many factors that would help Jim Boeheim and the Syracuse Orange win the 2003 NCAA National Championship.

However, since then, teams have been able to find ways to penetrate the zone, find easy baskets, and hurt the Orange in the long run. With Autry as head coach, many are wondering if the 2-3 zone defense will be a thing of the past. With changes set to be made, one can only wonder if this is a must.

Trust The Process

No, we aren’t talking about the Philadelphia 76ers’ Joel Embiid when we say this, but we are entering a new era here in Syracuse basketball and with a new head coach, new faces coming, and a fan base that is looking for its college team to produce results, all we can really say is have faith in the first-year head coach. He is coming in with big shoes to fill, so let’s stick by him and see what he can do.

Will we see this Orange team make a comeback this year? Will Autry be the one to help Syracuse back to a national title game? We are going to have to wait and see.

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