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Syracuse Football: Phil Steele doesn’t have a ton of optimism about ‘Cuse

Syracuse football (Mandatory Credit: Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY NETWORK)
Syracuse football (Mandatory Credit: Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY NETWORK) /

It’s that time of year when college football writer Phil Steele releases his evaluations and predictions for the season, including for Syracuse football.

Last year, he picked Syracuse football to finish dead last in the Atlantic Division and this year, according to a recent article from writer Emily Leiker, he has a bit more optimism but not much.

Phil predicts in 2023 that the Orange will finish 10th in the ACC but still make a bowl game. And as far as ranking position groups, he seems to only think the linebackers (5th) and quarterbacks (6th) are worthy of a top 10 rating.

Here’s the reality: Phil is basing his information on past success/failure which is all he has since he’s not a fan thriving on hope and belief plus conversations with coaches and others. But he doesn’t have a crystal ball nor do I when I say I believe 2023 could be a special season if injured guys return healthier and others stay healthy at least long term.

Phil Steele doesn’t have a ton of optimism about Syracuse football.

And also keep in mind that Phil does spend a lot of time putting these together but it’s simply an opinion….a somewhat educated opinion but that’s all it really is. So there’s no reason to be angry, disappointed or excited I guess but if you see that news and that’s how you process it, I won’t talk you out of it.

I’m not an expert of any kind but merely a Syracuse football fan who believes in this staff and these players. Yes this team lost a lot of talented players to the draft/graduation and the transfer portal but there is still a lot of talent and youth on this team I believe can make the difference.

Give me a healthier Garrett Shrader. Give me a young LeQuint Allen Jr., who I think is capable of being as good a player as other recent Syracuse football running backs. Give me a healthy Stefon Thompson to complement Marlowe Wax Jr. Give me a hungry Caleb Okechukwu and Justin Barron.

Give me one more season of Oronde Gadsden II along with experienced and healthy Trebor Pena, Damien Alford and Isaiah Jones plus some young guys looking to earn their way into the lineup.

And last but not least, give me Coach Babers, Coach Beck, Coach Long and the amazing position coaches on this team and I’ll believe.

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