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Syracuse Basketball: Why Judah Mintz return can lead to tourney success

Syracuse basketball, Judah Mintz (Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports)
Syracuse basketball, Judah Mintz (Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports) /

It’s official now…freshman point guard Judah Mintz is back at Syracuse basketball after testing the 2023 NBA Draft waters, which he had every right to do. But he’s back in Orange and this is a big deal because he’s a star player with NBA talent who makes this team better by being a part of it.

No one player can win a championship in a team sport (at least most of the time). However, some are capable of being that player who makes everyone on the team better and can help win in many ways. Judah Mintz is that player.

First off, Judah got a taste of what the NBA scouts want and what he needs to do. He is hungry to make it and I truly believe he has the ability to get to the pros down the road. He will show in his sophomore season at Syracuse basketball why he can be an NBA point guard.

And as a point guard, Judah Mintz is a great passer and leader on the floor. As last season progressed, we saw him making better decisions, taking better shots and helping his teammates play better.

Syracuse basketball got a big boost when Judah Mintz decided to come back for another season.

Sadly, center Jesse Edwards is gone, having transferred to West Virginia, and he and Mintz seemed to have really good chemistry. But now Mintz has got a 7-foot-4 center transfer from Florida State, Naheem McLeod, and it’s my belief that these two can work together and also make each other better.

At that height, McLeod will have a height advantage in most games that Judah can exploit with his passing ability. And if Naheem is a good passer, he can also look for Judah or one of the others on the wing, who might be open to hit that jump shot when the defenders collapse on him.

This is also why Judah, who can also drive to the hoop very well, will also utilize those wings as well and give players like forward Benny Williams (who I believe will have a huge season in 2023-24) or guard J.J. Starling open shots.

Or if left open himself, Judah can shoot and call me crazy but I think one more year playing with a coach like Gerry McNamara can only help him improve as a shooter as well.

Look, I’m not trying to put pressure on him and build him up to be a superhero here. I don’t think it’s all on his shoulders if this team wins or loses. But I think Judah Mintz back at Syracuse basketball could be the key to success in post-season tournament play and maybe, just maybe provide a chance to bring a second national championship to Syracuse basketball in head coach Adrian Autry’s first season at the helm.

I’m not saying it’s definitely happening, but I’m not saying it can’t, either.

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