Syracuse Orange: Why Ted Lasso registers to me as a ‘Cuse sports fan

Syracuse Orange (Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports)
Syracuse Orange (Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports) /

As a Syracuse Orange sports fan, over the years I’ve experienced my fandom in various ways. I tried being the analyst type and blogging about it but that wasn’t me. I’ve been the Orange fan who let losses impact my personal life and mood. But that’s not me.

But being obsessed with the hit show “Ted Lasso,” I’ve realized the me I’m meant to be…I am Ted Lasso.

“You know what the happiest animal on Earth is? It’s a goldfish. You know why? It’s got a 10-second memory. Be a goldfish, Sam!”

That quote is from Ted Lasso as Ted talks to player Sam Obisanya after he struggles. It’s also how I try to watch sports. I try to not let losses or even wins impact how I treat my family and coworkers. I try to be a goldfish and move on.

For those unfamiliar with Ted Lasso the show, Ted is a college football coach who takes a job in England as a premier league soccer coach. Ted has a positive attitude despite family issues and anxiety that at times becomes overwhelming (another reason I can relate).

How my Syracuse Orange sports fandom coincides with Ted Lasso.

To some, I don’t obsess over the losses enough so I don’t care but that’s far from the truth. What I have learned is that my fandom is about loving my team, supporting my team and not letting wins or losses determine the rest of my life.

Also as a father, a friend, a former little league athlete and a human, I try to relate to others and not expect them to be perfect. When I see a player miss a shot or drop a pass or miss a field goal, I try to ask myself how I’d react if that were me or my son/daughter or my coworker who tried but came up short.

I’m sure some read little league athlete and laughed that my athletic prowess ended that young but I was blessed to have good coaches. My coaches taught us the fundamentals, they wanted to win but not at any expense and taught us to be a good sport in losing but try harder at practice the next time. They were extensions of Ted Lasso before Ted Lasso was ever created and I’m forever grateful to them for how they coached me.

Yelling at me, calling me a failure or berating me never helped me. What helped me more as a person was positive reinforcement and working with me at practice to make me better. Nobody is harder on me than me when I’m not successful so I don’t need your anger on top of it…I just need to know I can be better and I promise you I’ll try again.

And as a fan, I take that to heart and realize those athletes don’t need me telling them to catch the pass. Syracuse football head coach Dino Babers doesn’t need me telling him how important winning is especially when his job depends on it more than my fandom does. In my opinion, what they need is my support to lift them up when they’re down and show them that we love them because they represent the team we love to the best of their ability.

Also, Ted Lasso and Syracuse Orange sports have one more thing in common…they are my anxiety relief when my brain says I’ve failed. I have bad anxiety and depression and I share my ups and downs on social media. But I also need something fun to ease my mind, and Ted Lasso and Syracuse Orange sports do that for me.

Because I don’t obsess about Syracuse football’s 4th down completion rate or Ted Lasso’s ratings…I just watch to feel that joy I’ve felt since I was a kid cheering on my hometown team and wearing my Orange. I love my team and the show not because they’re perfect but because when my brain or my life overwhelms me, I can turn to them and know they’ll bring me joy.

Ted Lasso reminds me of this joy. It reminds me it’s okay to have anxiety and seek help and still be curious, not judgmental. It’s okay to play, coach or watch sports with a positive mindset and you do care but don’t let it consume something you can’t control.

And that in a world that contains political polarization, moral and social values wars and bills that are due even when you can’t afford to pay them all at once, there are still blessings in life such as the smile on the face of my kids and grandkids and watching Ted Lasso or ‘Cuse sports…well and a good pizza, too.

Thank you Ted Lasso, Syracuse Orange Athletics and my fellow fans because you bring me joy. That love is real and I feel it and it’s because of those positive moments in my life I can face tomorrow without yelling at my wife because Syracuse lost or wanting a coach fired because he didn’t recruit enough 5-star players.

Thank you for reminding me that in a life at times surrounded by chaos, I can picture that belief sign above the “gaffer’s” office and believe in myself, my team and the positive things in life.

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