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Syracuse Football: Opening versus Colgate makes my Orange heart happy

Syracuse football (Mandatory Credit: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports)
Syracuse football (Mandatory Credit: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports) /

With the Syracuse football spring game over, the Orange faithful’s hearts look towards the fall for the start of the season. Nothing enhances optimism like a fresh start and the excitement of a new season.

And with that, comes a refresher of the schedule to remind us that on September 2nd, Syracuse football will open the 2023 football season against Colgate. Then a week later, they’ll play Western Michigan as well. This Syracuse football fan absolutely LOVES this for multiple reasons.

First, if Syracuse football is going to start a season against a smaller school, I like a local school being the team. Especially if you’re playing in the Dome, it’s a chance for a local team to have their family and fans there too. You may even help Colgate recruiting if a CNY high school player is being recruited and wants to play in the JMA Wireless Dome in front of their family and friends annually.

Second, last year I took flack for suggesting games like Colgate be considered a preseason or start of the season game. I don’t mind it counting but I definitely think it should be the first game played. Players need reps in game situations and a game like this should give more guys in-game experience before the schedule gets tougher.

I’m excited for the Syracuse football 2023 season.

Next season, Syracuse football will start the season on a neutral field against Tennessee. And I get it, TV executives and others want attractive options for fans to tune in. And Syracuse football playing Colgate won’t get 40 thousand in the Dome or make ESPN want to give them a spot as much as playing Tennessee and money talks sometimes.

But there are reasons the NFL has a preseason and one of which is to get the work in before the season begins. Playing Colgate allows the staff to see if that guy deeper down the depth chart might be more worthy of consideration than previously thought as they shine in the spotlight.

Also it’s Labor Day weekend so the fair is going on, concerts are happening and some families are out of town for the weekend for one last weekend before school starts. Accept this weekend might be one you won’t get 40 thousand people in the JMA Wireless Dome but maybe with another local team, you might get more to travel the hour and put a few more butts in seats.

So in conclusion, let me say that I understand the thinking behind every decision. I realize certain decisions are made for various reasons and it’s not my job to make these decisions. But if you’re asking my opinion, I think the schedule this season is my ideal fit for building the best Syracuse football team and anticipation for the season.

And unlike Green Day, wake me up when September starts since the first two days involve me turning 51 and then Dome Dogs and Dome Nachos with the good cheese return (though can we bring back souvenir cups and bowls too?), as Syracuse football plays Colgate to start the 2023 season. Go Orange!

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