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Syracuse Basketball: What about a Big East reunion tournament at MSG?

Syracuse basketball (Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images)
Syracuse basketball (Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images) /

Are you one of those fans who miss the good old days of Syracuse basketball residing in the old Big East Conference in the 80s? Do you miss those Big East Conference tournament games in Madison Square Garden? What if I told you I might have a fun idea to relive that nostalgically but also currently?

Let me introduce you to my idea. I present to you the MSG Big East Reunion Invitational! My premise is that every year, four teams with ties to the Big East from its inception to today play during the season but before league play. Any team who spent even one season in the league or is currently a member is eligible.

While listening to the Jon Rothstein College Hoops Today podcast, Jon had Syracuse basketball head coach Adrian “Red” Autry as a guest. One topic of conversation revolved around him scheduling Georgetown regularly to which Autry seemed interested and it made me realize how fun it would be to relive those days but with current teams.

I know it’s not the Maui Invitational or something sunny and tropical but with so many teams having played in the Big East at some point, you could have a good mix of past rivals and newer teams looking to play a top team.

What if Syracuse basketball played St John’s, now led by new head coach Rick Pitino, and Seton Hall played Georgetown with the winners playing the next day (and maybe the losers, too)? Or Marquette played Miami and 2023 national champion UConn played Louisville?

I’m suggesting a Big East Reunion Invitational, with Syracuse basketball competing in it.

Sometimes you could have aim for projected top 10 teams playing  and sometimes go for nostalgic matchups. Or maybe try a mixture but save the final for a possible nostalgia championship game. Bring back players from the past and honor them. Heck maybe even try to do a Big East “old timers game” or just a banquet the night before.

My social media feed is consistent with “I miss the old Big East” comments. And you can’t bring that back but we can find fun ways to celebrate it and build off of it. And make no mistake, it has to be MSG or nothing. MSG is the Mecca of three things: WWE, Billy Joel and Big East basketball so putting it elsewhere is counterproductive.

So what do you think? Would you be interested in a trip to New York City in November to relive those glory days? What would you want to see if they did? Would you want to pay to see legends honored, meet and greets or maybe buy cheap tickets the next day when fans of the losing team sell their tickets for the next day?

Honestly, I’d love to see Syracuse basketball play in something like this regularly because I miss those days of Pearl Washington and the Garden myself.

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