Syracuse Orange: Ten fun NIL deals for various Syracuse Orange players

Syracuse Orange (Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images)
Syracuse Orange (Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images) /

College sports in 2023 is an ever-changing environment, and that is the case for the Syracuse Orange and others around the country.

With smaller colleges sometimes being competitive with bigger schools, some athletes go pro after one year while others get Covid years, the transfer portal is a regular thing without having to sit out a season and name, image, likeness, or NIL as some call it, is a benefit for players and becoming bigger yet also controversial.

But as controversial as the NIL issue is, it also represents opportunity. An opportunity for players to earn money for themselves, their future and possibly their family. It’s also an opportunity for schools to attract recruits as well as keep players wanting to go the professional route for the money.

So as some players consider their options, I’m left to wonder what if local businesses/sponsors explored opportunities to keep more popular players at the Syracuse Orange longer? What if players were able to make comparable money to a professional career while still attending Syracuse University to get a degree at the best university in the country?

What if they can earn that degree to help their future after sports while still able to send money home to help their family or just live comfortably enough to not feel like big brother is breathing down their neck if they want a meal or something?

So I put together a fun list of 10 NIL opportunities using local businesses many of us love. And in full disclosure, I don’t know how much money these businesses make nor do I know their budgets for such a thing. This is a simple fun exercise to show a few creative ways maybe someone could explore ways to attract or keep players at the Syracuse Orange longer.

Here are 10 potentially fun NIL deals for various Syracuse Orange players.

Byrne Dairy/Judah Mintz Mint Milk:

Picture this: Syracuse Orange men’s basketball freshman point guard Judah Mintz is in a Byrne Dairy store, he sees the glass Mint Milk half-gallon bottle and jokes that it’s Mintz Milk and it’s green like money like he is when he drives to the hoop. Only for GMac to be standing behind him laughing saying, “Rookies!”

Jesse Edwards/Dunkin’ reversed dunk:

I don’t know Jesse to know if he likes coffee or maybe like the refreshers or even donuts but that reverse dunk alley-oop would be fun to relive for a Dunkin’ ad. Maybe he’s working in a Dunkin’ and someone passes something to him and he dunks it. Or just likes dunking plain donuts in his coffee.

Joey Spallina 2 for 22 deal Tully’s dinner deal:

Syracuse Orange men’s lacrosse has a new #22 in town so why not show that this town loves its lacrosse program and players? I’m not saying you have to name the deal after him but what about a 2 for $22 dinner option at a place like Tully’s and Joey Spallina (and possibly past 22’s as well like him and Mike Powell doing dinner together) to help sell it?

Marlowe Wax Jr. Delta Sonic car wash with a wax:

What if there is a line waiting for a car wash at Delta Sonic and the employee asks the customer what kind of wash they want and if they want a wax with that and they say yes only to have Marlowe Wax Jr. being the guy who is actually cleaning their car?

Live MOB podcast at Funk ‘n Waffles:

And speaking of Wax, it looks like he and teammate Caleb Okechukwu will bring back the MOB podcast next season. So what if they taped it live at a local establishment like Funk ‘n Waffles that’s already set up for entertainment with space for listeners to view it and could provide sponsorship opportunities for them?

Dyaisha New York State Fair sausage:

Syracuse Orange women’s basketball player Dyaisha Fair will likely face a decision to go pro after this season so what if someone like Gianelli Sausage or even the New York State Fair took advantage of the last name and asked her to endorse that this summer? Dollar Day with Dyaisha? Maybe even have an autograph session and/or Q&A session, especially with young women/HS players.

The Twin Trees Tyrrell Two Pizza family deal:

Syracuse has many great pizzerias and one of those is local favorite Twin Trees. Syracuse Orange women’s lacrosse has two sisters, Emma and Meaghan Tyrrell (though not twins), who are having great careers. And since Twin Trees offers 2 pizza family deals, why not have the Tyrrell Sisters order a Twin Trees family deal with each ordering the pizza they prefer so they don’t have to share?

Karl Winter and Amanda Vestri Fastrac SmartPay save on gas:

For those unfamiliar with the names, Karl Winter and Amanda Vestri are Syracuse record-setting track members and I think it’s okay to help them get recognition too. So what’s a great place for a track star to endorse? A place named Fastrac seems appropriate. Maybe they could help sell Fastrac’s SmartPay option which saves you money when you use it and you can save “on the go.”

Shrader to Gadsden Dinosaur BBQ combo (a winning combination):

The Syracuse Orange football combination of QB Garrett Shrader and WR Oronde Gadsden II was quite successful last season. I fully expect that to continue this upcoming season as well. So why not embrace that and say something like “on the field, we make the perfect combination but off the field, if you want to score, try one of Dinosaur BBQ’s combo plates.”

Asia Strong Strong Hearts milkshakes:

And last but not least, for the vegan in your life, right near campus is an amazing place called Strong Hearts. They are 100% vegan, and it is an establishment many love. So what if Syracuse Orange women’s basketball player Asia Strong was brought in to explain their menu options and especially the numerous milk shakes they offer? Maybe Asia is not a vegan, I don’t know, but I chose her because of the name. Either way, this is possibly a fun idea for someone who might want to help promote a local vegan option.

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