Syracuse Football: Next coach up at Cuse as coaching carousel continues

Syracuse football (Mandatory Credit: Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY NETWORK)
Syracuse football (Mandatory Credit: Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY NETWORK) /

Sports are a crazy business, and my subject today is Syracuse football. For most sports teams, the offseason brings change. College sports especially since barring a medical exception, college players only play 4-5 years maximum.

But coaching can also be just as tumultuous. Being a coach comes with the knowledge that you could be replaced at any time if someone above you feels a change is needed. Or if you’re successful, other opportunities are available.

For many, when a player is hurt or leaves the team, the ongoing mentality is “next player up”.  This isn’t meant to disparage the player injured or leaving but an opportunity for the next player to step up and show their skill set. To me, the same mentality applies to coaching.

Recently Syracuse football has seen several assistant coaches leave for positions elsewhere. To all those coaches, I say thank you for what you did to help this team achieve success in 2022. I don’t hold grudges or wish them ill will, because people often change jobs for various reasons as I have myself so I understand.

Lately, there has been a lot of shuffling within the Syracuse football coaching staff.

So what does Orange Nation do now? In my opinion, we wish those coaches well and concentrate on what we have now. I admit losing Coach Monroe and Coach White especially was hard to see because of the success of the defense the last few seasons but they had their reasons and I wish them the best in their new ventures.

And now, just like when a player leaves, we move on and root root root for the home team and our new coaches. We have faith that our head coach who we love knows what he’s doing and the next coach up will be equally or more successful and we move on with our lives. Life goes on and so do sports so let’s direct our energy toward the future.

Congratulations Coach Beck on the promotion! Welcome to the Syracuse Orange family Coach Long, Coach Campanile, and Coach Farmer. The 2023 season starts soon and I’m excited to see the potential that awaits this team amidst the changes and cheer on the team I love. Let’s Go Orange!

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