Syracuse Orange: Huge credit to Adam Weitsman for his many NIL efforts

Syracuse Orange, Adam Weitsman (Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports)
Syracuse Orange, Adam Weitsman (Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports) /

It’s a brave new world out there in major collegiate athletics – businessman and top SU booster Adam Weitsman is going all in, trying to do whatever he can to help Syracuse Orange sports thrive now and in the future.

Name, image and likeness (“NIL”) has been around for nearly two years at the college level, and lucrative NIL deals are flying around the country in football, basketball, numerous other sports, and also in the direction of high-school prospects.

Last fall, a piece came out stating that Weitsman planned to offer $1 million annually to one five-star basketball recruit and one five-star football recruit to represent his companies.

Now, Weitsman has repeatedly stressed to me that he’s playing by the rules when it comes to making NIL offers to high-school prospects (“pay-for-play” is not allowed by the NCAA).

Weitsman has been in touch with SU’s Office of Athletic Compliance to gather information about NCAA rules surrounding NIL matters, and he works with a NIL attorney to ensure he’s doing everything by the book. I’ve talked with Adam Weitsman on many, many occasions in recent months, and I have to say, I really admire the efforts that he’s making as it pertains to NIL.

Adam Weitsman is absolutely pivotal in the NIL arena for Syracuse Orange sports.

Weitsman is clearly focused on hoops these days. We’ve outlined several high-school prospects who hold Orange scholarship offers and Weitsman would like to offer NIL, depending on NCAA rules.

But Adam Weitsman is also investing significant NIL dollars in current Syracuse Orange student-athletes. He’s working to land more NIL agreements with female players.

And I have every confidence that Weitsman is going to get some things going in the near future with more Syracuse Orange student-athletes.

His NIL strategy appears to be evolving, and we’ll continue to monitor his NIL discussions.

As I’ve been reporting on Weitsman’s NIL happenings in recent weeks and recent months, I’ve seen a lot of positive feedback on social media and in chat rooms regarding what Adam is doing.

Sure, some fans like to bring up what has happened to Adam in the past, and that’s fair. To me, I’m focused on what he’s doing now. We’ve all made mistakes, and Adam has owned up to his.

But at present, right now, these days, Adam Weitsman is investing a lot of his time and money to do whatever he can to help Syracuse Orange sports succeed in the near term and over the long term.

Yeah, Adam Weitsman is wealthy. But I’ve gotten to know him, and he’s a polite, appreciative, respectful and humble person who loves Central New York and SU sports.

Syracuse Orange sports teams and recruiting efforts need big-time NIL to compete with others in the Atlantic Coast Conference and across the country.

Adam Weitsman, to his credit, is creating excitement, energy and buzz for myself and many, many other Syracuse Orange fans.

Thank you, Adam Weitsman. We appreciate you so, so much.

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