Syracuse Football: 44 reasons to play football for the Orange

Syracuse football, Dino Babers (Mandatory Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports)
Syracuse football, Dino Babers (Mandatory Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports) /

Recently on Twitter, I posted a fun “10 reasons to go to SU” memo, and it was interesting to see the responses and honestly, I could have listed a million different reasons because I love Syracuse University, the city of Syracuse/CNY, and Syracuse football a lot.

It was just a fun thing to do but then I got to thinking, with some recruits possibly considering the Orange, what if I did a long list?

So below I present to you 44 reasons I think it might be fun for a 17 to 19-year-old young person to consider Syracuse University as their new home for a couple of years.

I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did making the list and please keep in mind that this list was done trying to think what a young man might enjoy and not 50-year-olds like myself or someone who may be happy with where they are already.

Here are my 44 reasons to play for Syracuse football.

1: Heids/Hofmann’s

2: Destiny USA Mall = huge mall with some fun entertainment like Dave & Busters, Apex Entertainment & RPM indoor go-kart racing

3: No Bojangles but we have Tully’s Tenders

4: JMA Wireless indoor facility/Dome

5: Legend in a small city with no pro teams to compete with

6: CNY pizza is the best pizza

7: Beck + Babers = Bowl Bound

8: Syracuse degree in media helps post-football career

9: Merchandise you can sell at Manny’s and other spots

10: 50 thousand of the loudest fans cheering you on = The Loud House

11: Living that outdoor life = hunting, fishing (and ice fishing) and snowboarding

12: Salt City Market is an example of the culinary diversity in the city

13: Do you wanna build an Otto snowman?

14: Names like Chandler Jones, Donovan McNabb, Dwight Freeney and Andre Cisco
had great careers at and after Syracuse football

15: Loaded salt potatoes from Bull & Bear = mini potatoes with just a little butter and salt flavor with pulled pork BBQ on top

16: Great local diners and bakeries with frittatas, half moons and freshly baked bread

17: The 300-level crazies who will always have your back on game day and every other day on social media or on the streets

18: Bus lines and Veo Scooters to get you around if you don’t have your own car

19: Varsity Pizza banner flip after a win and their food is great too

20: I’ve met Dino Babers & I’d gladly send my kid to play for him

21: Otto’s Army

22: The JMA Wireless Dome experience is being improved for fans and players to enhance your experience

23: The MOB podcast blew up and yours could too

24: Your Ohana is our Ohana and Ohana means family for life

25: The New York State Fair is in Syracuse every summer

26: Ernie Davis was the first African American Heisman Trophy winner and is one of the legends of 44

27: Interstate 81 is right near campus and a straight shot to places like PA, VA, West Virginia, etc., and if you’re in the Carolinas, switch to 77 in VA and you’re almost home

28: Do your mom or dad like apples? The late summer/early fall in Syracuse is a perfect place for apple picking and festivals

29: Other teams may wear the color Orange but only one team is the true Orange

30: SU is the home of the 2022 men’s soccer champions plus successful basketball, lacrosse, field hockey, and track/cross country programs among others

31: Syracuse has beaches, parks, city life and farm life

32: Byrne Dairy mint milk

33: Soft ice cream shops everywhere

34: Like burgers? We’ve got Zebbs, Blarney Stone in Tipp Hill and the award-winning Ale N’ Angus Pub

35: Syracuse Block Party, Mayfest, Juice Jam, Castle Court and Chucks are great ways to meet new friends and enjoy the student experience

36: Bird Library, Newhouse, Whitman, iSchool, Maxwell, Falk and other school resources will help you secure a great career after sports

37: Funk N Waffles, Mothers Cupboard and Rise N Shine

38: Syracuse football special teams even has a legacy of greatness

39: Dinosaur BBQ and Glazed and Confused donut shop are right around the corner from each other

40: 4 years of Syracuse winters will give you stories you can tell your friends and family for years

41: Syracuse flights to Charleston can be as cheap as $52 on Southwest Airlines if you plan at least a month ahead

42: Want to eat healthier? Original Grain, Strong Hearts, Corelife and Purple Banana aren’t far from campus

43: Breakfast pizza is a real thing and really good

44: Right now, some kid is sitting in a Van Duyn Elementary School classroom who loves his favorite local team and watches games with someone he loves, and you can be that player they’ll remember and love and help grow their passion for the program and you

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