Hey Syracuse football fans, the season isn’t over so chill on the negativity

Syracuse football (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images)
Syracuse football (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images) /

In the aftermath of then-No. 16 Syracuse football dropping its second straight game by getting crushed at the hands of Notre Dame on the Hill this past Saturday afternoon, a lot has been said on social media by Orange fans.

Sure, we’re all frustrated that the Fighting Irish handled the ‘Cuse with relative ease at the JMA Wireless Dome. Notre Dame entered this non-conference collision at just 4-3 and with some head-scratching setbacks.

However, the Fighting Irish was a preseason top-10 team, and it showed why in pushing the Orange around in a 41-24 domination of Syracuse football in Central New York before a packed Loud House.

So, yes, the ‘Cuse has a lot of work to do as it prepares for a road encounter with Pittsburgh this coming Saturday afternoon. And, absolutely, the Orange has fallen twice in a row, and we’re all frustrated and sad about this.

However, some Syracuse football fans have gone off the deep end, so to speak.

Okay, so I addressed some of my key concerns following the ‘Cuse loss to Notre Dame. And if Orange fans are angry, disappointed and upset, I get that.

But some of the posts that I’ve read after that Notre Dame affair on both Facebook and Twitter are, simply, incredible. Not in a good way, I might add.

Some fans declared the 2022 season over. Some fans said that Syracuse football “stinks” and/or “sucks.” Some fans want head coach Dino Babers fired. Some fans said the ‘Cuse lost to the worst Notre Dame team that this proud program has put forth in decades. Decades.

I will always, always respect my fellow Syracuse football fans’ opinions and takes, even if I adamantly disagree with them. But this sort of stuff following the team’s setback to the Fighting Irish, to me, was over the top. Way, way over the top.

I went ahead and checked, and since 2003, if my math is correct, Notre Dame has lost at least three games in a season more than a dozen times.

The Fighting Irish, at present, sits at 5-3, with some bad losses, but also wins against top-25 Syracuse football and North Carolina, as well as BYU, which was ranked earlier this season.

Also, the current term isn’t over. Starting with Pittsburgh on the road this coming Saturday afternoon, the Orange plays the Panthers, Florida State at home, and then both Wake Forest and Boston College on the road.

All four Atlantic Coast Conference clashes are winnable. Syracuse football could go 4-0. It could go 0-4. I think 2-2 is a reasonable expectation, and if the ‘Cuse does that and notches a bowl-game triumph, it would finish at 9-4 (and maybe contend for a top-25 rating).

Considering the Orange’s struggles in recent years, I’d gladly take 9-4. Furthermore, while the ‘Cuse hasn’t been good over the past few stanzas, dating back to 2018 when it went 10-3 overall, to suggest that Babers be fired now, while the squad is 6-2, is comical to me.

On Saturday, as Syracuse football fell to Notre Dame, No. 10 Wake Forest got smashed by Louisville. That’s the same Cardinals group that the Orange smoked in week one.

The Demon Deacons, currently, are 6-2. Number one, that success versus Louisville is looking better and better for the ‘Cuse. Number two, since Wake Forest is also 6-2, like the Orange, should the Demon Deacons fire their head coach as well?

To reiterate, I completely respect that some Syracuse football fans are frustrated and fear that the ‘Cuse will drop the remainder of its 2022 contests. I get it. Recent history can cause us to think that way.

So, yeah, maybe the Orange will end up at 6-6. That would be a shame. But let’s wait and see how things play out. The Fighting Irish game was a debacle and exposed the ‘Cuse in various areas.

However, just a week before, Syracuse football had No. 5 Clemson on the ropes in Death Valley. The Tigers are a legit contender for the College Football Playoff.

We all tend to focus on the present, and that makes sense, and therefore it’s understandable to throw out some negativity these days because Syracuse football has dropped two in a row.

What irritates me, though, is that I see some so-called Orange fans trashing the players, the coaches, and the program as a whole whenever the ‘Cuse loses.

But when Syracuse football was starting the 2022 campaign at 6-0, these fans weren’t saying a whole lot of positive stuff when the Orange was faring well.

It’s easy to criticize when your team isn’t performing how you want it to. It’s also lazy. Run with the highs, and run with the lows. Plus, as I said earlier, there are four games remaining before Syracuse football competes in a bowl.

The Orange is still 6-2 and having a fine season. So how about we all chill on the negativity just a tad?

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