Syracuse Football: My thank-you letter to the fantastic 6-0 Orange

Syracuse football (Mandatory Credit: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports)
Syracuse football (Mandatory Credit: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports) /

Dear Syracuse football players and coaches,

This is an open letter to say thank you for this season. I’m happy and excited for you but I want you to also see what this season means to others as well.

Thank you to that kid who has worn Syracuse merch to school win or lose because you’re his favorite team. He wore it and wore his Orange fandom with pride like he was part of the team. He wore it despite those naysayers telling him how awful his team is even if he didn’t ask for their input or know them. Today he wears it with a little extra smile on his face knowing those voices are now a lot more silent.

Thank you for what this means to the community of Syracuse. It seems like much like those fans, the community gets a little extra pep in its step when Syracuse football or basketball especially are thriving. People seem happier, Syracuse flags are flying higher, more fans are going to games and more are positive in general. Jim from Jamesville is getting his Byrne Dairy coffee refill for the day telling the cashier he is excited about this team. Michelle in Mattydale no longer has to have some guy questioning her sports fandom because God forbid she might follow it as closely as he does. Syracuse is happy.

I’m really proud of this Syracuse football team.

Thank you to the alumni and former players who are proud of their school and their program respectively a little more than usual. Those who are on social media or talking to potential recruits or students and can point out how much fun you can have if you attend Syracuse whether it’s Otto’s Army or the team itself. Who are reliving that team when they attended that had SUccess and made their student experience even better. Who maybe partied a little harder at Harry’s than they should and woke up regretting it at first until it kicked in that Syracuse football is 6-0.

Thank you to those of us with deceased family or friends who followed and loved this team and we know are smiling down. I bet some even did a fist pump in Heaven as Sean Tucker secured the win like I did and they were possibly so happy they might have had tears of joy in their eyes. We can’t call them to celebrate this moment but we know they’d love it just like we did.

Thank you to that pessimistic fan who just wants a reason to believe. Who maybe does live by the stats and play-calling decisions as though every aspect of this does matter most. They can now see things a little more optimistically and might be more open to the possibility that the future is bright Orange. Some of them can now turn to their buddies and talk smack back.

And thank you from me personally. I’ve received many blessings in my life but I’ve also seen a lot of struggles and anxiety too. To me, Syracuse sports are an escape from reality and entertainment I try not to take so seriously that I live and die with every single thing and it impacts my life. But having said that, especially when you personally saw the potential and it’s playing out before your eyes at a time when you need that joy in life, it just hits right like a Sprite from McDonald’s according to my son.

This is a team effort and I’m grateful for all involved including the team manager who might not get a lot of love or the usher who lets their section at the Dome be a little extra loud. I love this program and have for most of my 50 years on this Earth win or lose. But today I’m definitely walking down the street like I’m Buddy the Elf just wanting to smile even at those I don’t know. This means a lot to many like me and I’m grateful for this moment and this opportunity to enjoy this season with pride because now I can close my eyes and have evidence as well as faith.

Sincerely yours,

“Orange Chuck”

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