Syracuse Orange: The new ‘Cuse home is now the JMA Wireless Dome

Syracuse Orange, JMA Wireless Dome (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images)
Syracuse Orange, JMA Wireless Dome (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images) /

On Thursday, Syracuse University and Syracuse Orange athletic leaders officially announced a 10-year agreement for the name of the game facility, which will further be known as the JMA Wireless Dome.

While the name Carrier has been a part of the name since 1979, rumors started after a report on the website Sportico that a name change was coming about. Days later, Syracuse Athletic Director John Wildhack explained in interviews that they had reached a mutual agreement with Carrier to end the agreement but no announcement was made at the time about the new name.

The Dome means a lot to me as does the Carrier name. When I moved away, one of my greatest joys was seeing the Dome off the distance as we exited 81N onto 481. Oftentimes, I’d be excited and even close to tears seeing this site. Thankfully renovations have been made over the last few years but that building remains.

It’s a new era for the Syracuse Orange with the ushering in of the JMA Wireless Dome.

As for the Carrier brand, my grandfather (Bompa) retired from and was able to support his family working at the old plant and I have memories of going there to see him and sharing McDonald’s with him across the street. The Carrier company does do some great stuff in the community, such as building parks, and it still employs some in the community. So despite moving many of those jobs away and demolishing the building my Bompa worked in, it’s hard for me to completely trash them even though that bare land breaks my heart.

Having said all of that, I’m excited about the potential of the JMA Wireless Dome. There is potential there to enhance the fan experience. As part of the deal, JMA Wireless will “support the Dome’s digital infrastructure transformation by establishing the most advanced connectivity offerings for fans and other users while at the Dome,” per the official press release.

Also, I love that this is a local company that employs thousands of jobs in the CNY area. I’m sure there were some big-name companies that could have provided a nice amount for the offer but I personally love the local touch. As rumors would spark over the years if the university was considering a name change for the building, my hope was that it would be a locally owned and branded company.

With this deal, the fans win by getting enhanced experiences, the university wins by generating more income as well as updated facilities and JMA can take a chance to grow their brand and possibly add more jobs to the area. And while it will take a while to adjust to the change (and for some, it might seem off-putting), this is a deal that is beneficial to all.

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