Syracuse Football: “Experts” disrespecting Sean Tucker is total non-sense

Syracuse football, Sean Tucker (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images)
Syracuse football, Sean Tucker (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images) /

Star running back Sean Tucker went full beast mode for Syracuse football in 2021, breaking Orange program records and earning all kinds of Atlantic Coast Conference and national honors.

But even with his record-setting performance, I felt like some of those so-called national “experts” didn’t fully appreciate what Tucker did on the Hill in 2021.

For one, I was a tad stunned when he didn’t get named as one of the three finalists for the Doak Walker Award, which honors the country’s top running back every year.

Naturally, part of that certainly stems from the fact that the ‘Cuse, as a collective unit, went 5-7 a stanza ago after dropping its last three contests, while simultaneously failing to qualify for a post-season bowl game.

But should the Orange improve upon its victory total from last year in 2022, and Tucker produces another stellar season, if he isn’t getting more love from national analysts, commentators and writers, I’m going to be extremely annoyed.

Syracuse football RB Sean Tucker, hopefully, will get Heisman Trophy consideration in 2022.

Ever since the 2021 term concluded, I’ve come across articles from time to time that list early favorites for the Heisman Trophy ahead of the 2022 campaign. On numerous occasions, Tucker’s name was nowhere to be found.

Just in the past couple of days, I saw a tweet from Big Game Boomer where it published its 2022 Heisman Trophy watch list, and Tucker checked in at No. 32.

My article here is not in any way about throwing shade at Big Game Boomer or others who are projecting favorites for the 2022 Heisman Trophy.

The larger contest, at least for me personally, is that I feel like Sean Tucker is going to be shut out by the national media, by and large, as it pertains to the Heisman Trophy or other big-time awards for 2022.

And, yes, the ‘Cuse needs to take care of business on the field and win a good amount of games for Tucker to see more national recognition.

But are you honestly telling me that there are 31 other college football players who are more likely to win the Heisman Trophy than Tucker in 2022?

I guess that I may have Orange-colored glasses on, and I acknowledge that, but I was at least a little surprised by his placement on this list.

Let’s not forget that Tucker, a native of Owings Mills, Md., rushed for 1,496 yards and scored 12 touchdowns on the ground in 2021. He eclipsed the previous ‘Cuse single-season record held by the legendary Joe Morris, who tallied 1,372 rushing yards in 1979.

A term ago, Tucker led the ACC in rushing yards and finished No. 6 nationally, although several guys ahead of him suited up in 13 or 14 affairs in 2021, whereas Tucker played in 12.

Looking ahead to 2022, Syracuse football has some exciting things on the horizon, including new offensive coaches. The schedule, to be fair, is tough, and the team’s quarterback depth just took a big hit.

However, I believe that Sean Tucker is primed for another huge season. And if the Orange can grab at least six, or maybe seven, triumphs in 2022, then all those national experts out there had better include Tucker in their Heisman Trophy and Doak Walker Award conversations.

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