Syracuse Football: Waxing poetic on the battle on the Erie Canal

We take a look at the Syracuse football game against Albany in a unique manner.

I’m back with another preview poem for Syracuse football season

I’m sure some may like these and others think I’m cheesin’

We are up to week 3 now and another game in the Dome

When we play the University of Albany Great Danes at home

They’re an FCS team so most expect the Orange to win

And a loss here would not exactly be an ideal way to begin

It’s a battle of two major upstate New York universities

And a battle of one team Under Armor and a team wearing Nikes

Among the celebrities who attended the University of Albany

Is none other than the one and only Police Academy’s Officer Mahoney

It’s also a battle of two cities one may visit if you ever navigated on the Erie Canal

The mascots are an Orange and a Great Dane but sadly no mule named Sal

Albany is coming off an abbreviated Spring season

Skipping the last two games with injuries as the reason

Will this negatively impact how the Great Danes fall season will fare

Or is the recent play and time to heal up reason for Cuse’s despair

If senior Albany running back Karl Mofor is healthy and playing

He’s definitely a player the Orange defense should be weighing

If SU wants to be a bowl team, hopefully when it’s over they’ll be three and O

And as a fan looking forward to the season, I believe they can achieve that goal

They’ll play Saturday, September 18th so check your local listings

Or tune into TK99 with Matt Park, Adam Terry and Brian Higgins

I truly hope they survive this game healthy and find a winning balance

Because the game after this is Liberty who will be up to the challenge

This Syracuse Orange team has a chance to prove last season was a fluke

And be better than the experts who think the two worst teams are them and Duke

With any luck, another banner flip at Varsity awaits the fans and the team

And Orange fans can enjoy our September filled gloriously with gleam

So bring on those tailgates with salt potatoes, Gianelli’s and cold beer

And soak it in with alumni from all over as they proudly recite and cheer.

“Where the vale of Onondaga meets the Eastern sky

Proudly stands our Alma Mater on her hilltop high”