Syracuse Basketball: 2023 target Elijah Fisher says his ‘game has grown’

Syracuse basketball is pursuing 2023 sensation Elijah Fisher, who says he’s worked hard on his craft amid the pandemic.

Syracuse basketball 2023 target Elijah Fisher could prove in store for the No. 1 spot in his recruiting class when all is said and done, yet the talented high-school prospect says that he’s getting even better.

The 6-foot-7 wing, a sophomore who attends Crestwood Preparatory College in Toronto, Ontario, pens a blog for SI All-American, where he shares details on his recruitment and his life in general.

The latest blog post notes that, as a freshman a stanza ago, he collected 30 points and 14 rebounds per contest at Crestwood Preparatory College, as well as 35 points and 15 boards per encounter last summer on the AAU circuit for Grassroots Elite Canada, which is also based in Toronto. That’s mighty impressive, and no wonder the Orange offered him a scholarship in late July.

Although Syracuse basketball has a strong history of picking up high-school prospects in Canada, the competition for Fisher is already intense, and he’s just a sophomore. Thus, many more offers will pour in for the shooting guard/small forward.

At this juncture, according to the primary recruiting services, he has nearly 20 offers from a range of high-major programs such as Arizona, Florida, Georgia Tech, Kansas, Memphis, Morgan State, Ole Miss, Oregon, Seton Hall, Southern California, St. John’s, Tennessee State, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, West Virginia and Western Kentucky.

In his blog post, Fisher says of his recruiting, “since I’m 2023 it’s not as intense, but I’m still hearing from schools like Syracuse, Oregon State, Texas A&M, Dayton, Tennessee and others.”

Syracuse basketball 2023 target Elijah Fisher is honing his craft in preparation for his sophomore term.

As a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic, Fisher writes that his next high-school season will start late, around January. “It kinda bummed me out at first, but I understand because we’re in a pandemic. I just want us all to be safe.”

During the pandemic and while quarantined, Fisher says that he’s focused on working out and spending time with his family. Fisher adds, “I feel like my game has grown a lot in the quarantine. I’ve worked a lot on my flaws in this time and I know that my jump shot is a lot better now. Also, my ability to score in a lot of different ways is better now.”

In sharing some personal items, Fisher says that he “had a ball” recently going rafting with his family, and also that his cooking skills are getting “pretty elite.”

Beyond the pandemic, as we all know, there is a lot of tension surrounding racial injustice, and Fisher opens up on that. “I was so happy to see the NBA guys boycott. Just watching that video of what happened to Jacob Blake was heartbreaking to watch as a black young man. I just feel like there were so many things they could’ve done other than shooting him. It was just hard to watch. I just want change.”

For all the talent that Fisher displays on the court, he also possesses a lot of admirable character attributes away from basketball.