Syracuse Football: Chandler Jones is 15th in NFL Rank, arguably too low

Chandler Jones, a Syracuse football legend, has made it big in the NFL. But year after year, he goes far too unappreciated.

Former Syracuse football pass rusher, Chandler Jones, is slotted at 15th in this year’s NFL Rank – a yearly list of the top 100 players in football. While that number is certainly better than last year, when Jones was snubbed outside the top 100, it’s arguably still low.

Jones finished second in the NFL in sacks last season with 19 total. The ‘Cuse product also forced a league-leading EIGHT fumbles, three of which he recovered, and accounted for 53 total tackles, the third-most in his career.

Jones was a bruiser on the D-Line last season, and thanks to those statistics, earned his third Pro Bowl selection and second time named to an All-Pro team.

For his career, Jones ranks among the best active defensive ends with 96 sacks, 27 forced fumbles, and 8 recoveries. Only Cameron Wake, Von Miller, and Terrell Suggs rank above Jones in the sacks totals, all of whom have played more years than the younger Jones who has remarkably put up those numbers in just eight seasons.

JJ Watt, who is highly regarded as the top defensive sack master in the NFL, has the same amount of sacks and four less forced fumbles than Jones. While injuries have sidelined Watt, the Houston Texan has only played in seven more games than Jones over the course of his career, which shows how underappreciated Jones truly is. Watt has yet to be named to the NFL Rank, as the top ten has yet to be revealed.

Aside from stats, the fact that Jones plays for oft-eliminated Arizona could be a reason for why he wasn’t ranked higher. Those statistics combined with the impact he has on the field are more than good enough to place him inside the top ten, and perhaps even higher. Based on what I’ve seen in the NFL, I would have Jones placed somewhere between 5 and 10, and certainly above Watt who Jones has accounted for more sacks than in four straight seasons.

Chandler Jones continues to fall below the radar. Maybe that’s what keeps him motivated, but regardless, it’s time he gets the accolades he deserves.

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