Syracuse Basketball: Big man Quincy Ballard trims list, Orange make cut

Syracuse basketball (Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images)
Syracuse basketball (Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images) /

Syracuse basketball has reached the next stage of recruiting with big man Quincy Ballard. Here are all the details and when it’ll be decision time!

Things are moving quickly for 7-foot big man Quincy Ballard.

Earlier this week he received an offer from the Syracuse basketball program via a phone call with Hall of Fame coach Jim Boeheim, per Mike Waters of Syracuse.ccom.

It’s funny earlier this offseason Boeheim said to local media that he didn’t plan on doing any more roster finagling via the transfer portal and that the Orange would likely remain pat. The ultimate contrarian has struck again.

Not only has Syracuse been active on the recruiting trail, but they’ve found some traction.

The Orange have already secured talented guard/wing combo Alan Griffin who could fill the void potentially left by Elijah Hughes who has entered the 2020 NBA Draft but still has the option to return.

Now the next logical hole to fill on the roster is at center. Syracuse basketball swung and missed on two talented players in Seth Towns and Patrick Tape this offseason and need to find somebody to fit the bill for 2020-21.

Luckily the 18-year old 7-foot, 240-pound phenom, if he chooses the Orange, is eligible to suit up as a freshman for the upcoming season. Initially, he was going to be in the 2019 class, but spent an additional year at Quality Education Academy aka QEA in Winston-Salem, North Carolina to focus on his shooting.

On Thursday Quincy Ballard sliced his list down to five schools: Florida State, NC State, Maryland, Cincinnati, and the aforementioned Syracuse basketball squad. It’s an odd list, to say the least, but this Orange squad has a fighting chance and has the home-court advantage.

The former Henniger High School center spent some serious time in the Central New York area prior to moving to the North Carolina area for prep school two years ago. A decision on where he suits up this season is expected on Saturday, April 11.

Here are all the big men listed on the Orange roster heading into next season: John Bol Ajak, Marek Dolezaj, Jesse Edwards, and Bourama Sidibe. While each of these players has a special charm, what they lack is true girth.

The largest big man on the team weighs 215 pounds soaking wet. They’re all the same type of player: a tall, lean pretzel stick frame.

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Quincy Ballard would bring vertical size (7-foot) and he’d bring weight (240 pounds). According to the latest Syracuse roster sheet, if Ballard committed to the Orange he would immediately become the heaviest player on the team. It’s time to put some meat on those bones!