Syracuse Football: Top 5 players Orange should chase via transfer portal

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Syracuse football (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Syracuse football is willing to do whatever it takes to improve the team. Here are the top 5 names on the transfer portal the Orange should consider adding.

After failing to live up to the unrealistic 10-3 expectations from 2018 in 2019, Syracuse football must get back on the saddle. With so many tried and true foundational pieces no longer on the squad, the Orange must get creative to fill the vacant holes on the roster.

One way Syracuse football has and will look to do that is through the transfer portal. In essence, it’s a process that makes college football free agency transparent. It’s an escape hatch for college football players who are stuck in bad situations (broken promises, coaching changes, or failed expectations).

With so many holes on the roster, simply recruiting talent by organic means won’t be enough for the Orange. They’ll have to acquire talent from unusual means and there are a ton of talented players available in the portal.

We successfully dove into the transfer portal looked around the upside down and exited the other side with a comprehensive list of the top five players the Orange should chase via the transfer portal. Here are the results.

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