Syracuse Basketball: Carmelo Anthony ‘2000%’ ready for NBA return

Former Syracuse basketball star Carmelo Anthony is ‘2000%’ ready for an NBA return. Here are all the details and a list of teams that would be a good fit.

The lone bright spot of the Syracuse basketball season opener vs Virginia was the presence of Carmelo Anthony in the dome.

Normally Melo doesn’t get a chance to be in the dome because he’s been in the midst of a Hall of Fame career in the NBA. 2019-20 is the first time since Carmelo was drafted that he didn’t start the regular season on a team.

Although that doesn’t mean the 35-year old is ready to hang up his shoes, he recently spoke to NBA Insider Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson to answer if he’s surprised he isn’t on a team right now and if he wants to return:

“I really don’t want to get into all that right now, but yeah I’m surprised. It is what it is at this point, I’m sitting back waiting spending time with my family and that’s all I can focus on right now.”

When asked if he wants to play he replied, “2000 percent, make that the headline.”

Per Scoop B, the potential partnership between Melo and the LA Lakers for the 2018-19 season was “a very real deal”, but ultimately with Los Angeles looking out of contention, Carmelo bowed out.

It seems like the reason that hasn’t consummated in 2019-20 is because of the future possibility of Andre Iguodala shaking free from the Memphis Grizzlies through a future buyout or trade and the Lakers’ rumored interest in him.

Two other things have apparently hurt Melo’s chances at a return: after the New York Knicks debacle, he had a few years to prove himself with other teams and failed to do so. Also in one of those stops in Oklahoma City, he had a viral comment that still sits on the minds of people in power for several different NBA teams:

“Who me? (on the idea of him coming off the bench) I don’t know where that came from man. Hey Pete, they want me to come off the bench!”

Carmelo brushed off the idea that he’d come off the bench and it has drawn comparisons to the infamous practice quote from Allen Iverson back in the early 2000s. That comment has given some teams hesitation to make a move.

Although there are three teams to monitor. The Brooklyn Nets had a ton of interest in the Summer that was led by Kyrie Irving who was a driving force behind it. It seems like the momentum has dissipated.

While two other teams would be great fits for Carmelo Anthony for a variety of reasons. The Philadelphia 76ers could use a veteran presence and it’s close to home for Melo. Finally, the Portland Trailblazers showed a ton of trade interest a few years ago and their interest has remained at a high level.

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Carmelo is ready for a return, he still has gas left in the tank, and it’s time for him to get the last missing piece of his resume an NBA championship.

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