Syracuse Football: Top 3 keys to the game vs Boston College in Week 10

Our Paul A. Esden Sr shares the top three keys to the game vs Boston College in Week 10. Here are all the details and looking ahead to the matchup.

This is normally when I would talk about some insight from last week’s game. We could talk about Syracuse football’s run of holding elite running backs in check ended with Cam Akers trouncing the Orange with 20 carries for 144 yards and 4 touchdowns, but you already knew that.

We could talk about how Tommy DeVito has been sacked more times than any other quarterback in the FBS this year, but you already knew that. We could talk about the abysmal coaching that ultimately led to another loss, but yeah you get the point.

Nothing hard-hitting or late-breaking, the beatdown the Orange put on the Florida State Seminoles was returned to us … with a little loan shark interest added on.

The only startling news is that Syracuse as of the writing of this article is … favored to win?!?  What ????

Now it’s only 2.5 points but favored is favored. Not only that the ESPN Matchup predictor has Syracuse with a 61.1 percent chance to win. So in the words of Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber so you are saying there is a chance? Let’s hope so Orange faithful.

Here are the 3 keys to the game:

One of the reasons that Syracuse is a slight favorite in this game despite themselves is that Boston College will be without their Junior quarterback Anthony Brown.

He was knocked out of the Louisville game two weeks ago and is out for the season. This is not to say that Anthony was the second coming of Doug Flutie but he was a serviceable quarterback with some big-time game experience.

The same cannot be said for his replacement Dennis Grosel who was 3-for-14 passing last week against Clemson. For the season he has a 35 percent completion percentage. Here is the key: let Dennis Grosel throw the ball.


I’m really at a loss here. I have given Dino some critical feedback over the past few years. I will be the first to admit they would not have won 10 bleeping games last year without his guidance.

But … when it comes down to the basic Xs and Os of game management and coaching Dino often leads something to be desired. We have seen that in recent weeks with playcalling, team discipline, and clock management. Sometimes you shouldn’t be cute you just need to line up and play ball.

For the love of everything that is holy I just hope we are able to stop a trick play. I still hear Dino’s words echoing after the NC State game ‘they caught us, it happens, it’s not a big deal …’ that may have been true for a one and done but the next two games we have fallen victim to similar trickery its time to stop the bleeding and yes IT IS A BIG DEAL! This key is not a secret but if we are able to execute we will win.

Slow down the run.

Last year the Orange were able to hold talented RB AJ Dillon to 56 yards on 12 carries but truthfully he was playing on an injured ankle. This year he is healthy and if that isn’t bad enough the Eagles have found lightning in a bottle with Sophomore David Bailey.

This pair ran for over 400 yards against NC State.  Yes, 400… eyepopping numbers.

Sometimes football is analytics and sometimes it doesn’t get any simpler. Slow down the run, notice I didn’t say stop the run (which I am not sure is possible). Stack the box, slow down the run and win the game. Period.

Onto the prediction.

This game is just what the doctor ordered. Syracuse has one job this week. Slow down the RUN. Get it done and we win the game. Easier said than done but I believe! I predict the Orange will win this game 35-21.  As always Be Loud, Be Proud, Be ORANGE!