Syracuse Football: Top 5 Running Backs in School History

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Running Backs have shaped Syracuse Football. It’s given the team and the university a national identity. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 in Syracuse’s history.

Syracuse Football has always been known for their running backs. The legend of No. 44 will never be forgotten, as some of Syracuse’ best rushers of all-time have donned it.

The history of No. 44 is well documented. From future Pro Football Hall of Famers, to Pro Bowlers, to even football legends. When you think of Syracuse lore, the most prominent position is running back.

One of those running backs is even considered among the best to ever run the football: Jim Brown. Is he the best running back in school history though?

Inside The Loud House digs deep and ranks the top 5 players they think ran the ball best while playing for Syracuse Football. Share your thoughts on social media. Did you love the list? Hate the list? Without further adieu, lets get this list started.

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