Syracuse Football: Brisly Estime Impressing With The New York Jets Early

It’s a pleasant surprise to see former Syracuse football star, Brisly Estime impressing with the New York Jets in OTA’s. Can he keep it up?

It’s never been easy for former Syracuse football star, Brisly Estime. He’s never gotten preferential treatment or a silver spoon.

That certainly didn’t change when the NFL Draft came around in late April. While he impressed at his Pro Day, he wasn’t one of the 253 picks during the draft festivities. But that’s okay, because when I talked with him at his Pro Day he just wanted a chance.

Ironically enough I interviewed him on my weekly New York Jets podcast (The Jets Zone) and wouldn’t you know, the Jets were the first team to call him minutes after the draft’s conclusion.

Some would argue it’s better to be what’s called a “priority free agent” as opposed to being drafted in the sixth or seventh round because the world is your oyster. You get to pick the best fit out of the teams who are interested in your services.

Now I don’t know 100% whether that played a part in Estime’s interest in the Jets, but I’m sure that had to factor in. Well the Jets kicked off their offseason voluntary workouts this morning and apparently Estime has already impressed some key members of the Jets’ coaching staff.


While among my other duties is covering the Jets on a daily basis. I was listening in live on today’s press

conferences when special teams coordinator, Brant Boyer stepped to the podium to answer an array of questions during the media’s interrogation time.

While he wasn’t asked many questions, one of the questions he was asked was about the competition for the Jets returning jobs. One of the reporters marveled at Estime’s “ridiculous” career punt return numbers.

For those keeping track at home, for his career Estime averaged over 18 yards per return on punts and 20 yards per kick return. Incredible numbers that will stand the test of time in the ACC conference record books.

Although that wasn’t the only thing Boyer said about Estime:

Estime has his work cut out for him. The Jets deepest positional unit on the team is at wide receiver. They’ve a glut of talent at the position. Although what separates Estime from the rest is his special teams prowess that he has told me personally he prides himself on.

The name Estime is originally French and it means “valued”. Interesting considering that’s what separates the bottom of the roster guys. The players that are valued are the ones that can do a lot of different things.

While small in stature (5’9 and 176 pounds), he’s a versatile weapon. He can run the ball, catch the ball, obviously return the ball, and has some wildcat ability if called upon.

If you missed my thrilling interview with him back in March feel free to listen to it here below:

I got to watch his entire career at Syracuse and watch him blossom and develop as a player. When sources had told me that he would be signing with the Jets I was giddy and maybe clicked my heels once or twice.

While typically in journalism you should be unbiased, it’s hard not to root for this guy. Estime starting in Haiti and getting all the way to the NFL is just an incredible feat. I look forward to Estime making the Jets and having a long and promising NFL career.