Inside The Loud House: Meet the Staff- Tough as Nails Through the Eyes of a Father

Sep 9, 2016; Syracuse, NY, USA; General view of the Carrier Dome prior to the game between the Louisville Cardinals and the Syracuse Orange. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
Sep 9, 2016; Syracuse, NY, USA; General view of the Carrier Dome prior to the game between the Louisville Cardinals and the Syracuse Orange. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports /

Inside The Loud House is all about Syracuse sports, but it’s also about the contributors and editors who help bring you that content. Today, Paul A. Esden Sr. gives you the first glimpse into the current staff of Inside the Loud House starting with the Site Expert and Editor: Paul A. Esden Jr.

This article will be something quite outside the box. Anyone who has read any of my articles here on Inside The Loud House has learned a little bit about me; which probably speaks to my unprofessional writing style. I thought it would be interesting for the avid followers of Inside the Loud House to know a little bit more about our staff. So I have taken it upon myself to kick this off (keep it between us I didn’t run it past my boss prior to writing, mainly because this article is about him).

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The leader of the ‘Loud House, Paul A. Esden Jr. was born in Norfolk, Virginia on April 26th, 1993. The family consists of a Brady Bunch-like family of three brothers and three sisters. Born into a Navy household, he moved several times in his early years from Norfolk to Ballston Spa, New York, to St. Marys, Georgia, to Charleston, South Carolina, before finally landing in Oswego, NY.

A Nickname is Born:

Time for a funny insight into our leader. The only reason that he is a NY Jets fan is because of a nickname his grandfather Robert J. Esden gave him as an infant. This has been horrifying to me, both as a football fan, and a devout Dallas Cowboys fan for the past 40 years.

When he was born, I gave him the name Paul Andrew Esden Jr or PJ for short. Apparently, that was too short for his grandfather who changed it to P-Jet, or eventually, the Jet. (Sad face) From there the rest is history and a nickname became an obsession and Boy Green was born. But I digress…

Favorite Teams and Other Activities:

From early on, Paul was in love with sports; baseball, football and basketball are at the top of his list. He inherited his favorite sports teams from me. His favorite teams, the Boston Red Sox and Boston Celtics are a tie back to when I grew up in Gardner, Massachusetts. As a Jets fan, however, he has nothing but sports fan hatred of the Patriots, as they are in the same NFL division as his beloved Jets.

This is really where our story begins. Paul moved to Oswego in June 2008. His family quickly joined Leo Pryor’s Tae Kwon Do with all family members participating. In the past nine years, he has progressed through the ranks from white belt to third Degree Black belt, working as an Instructor and Mentor to help develop other your martial artists. As a member of the Leadership Exhibition team, his high flying skills has entertained people from all walks of life. The tenants of Tae Kwon Do have helped shape him into the respectful man he is today.

High School Football:

Paul’s first love however was football. He joined the Oswego High School football team for the Fall 2008 campaign. Small in stature, but with an enormous heart and will power, he played three seasons for the Buccaneer’s. Following his team across Central New York for his games in Watertown to Cortland in addition to watching him play under the Friday Night Lights, are moments I will treasure forever. His heart and indomitable spirit was recognized by everyone.

At the Fall Sports Award banquet he twice received the Coaches “Tough as Nails” award being recognized for his intestinal fortitude. A fan favorite, with the moniker of ‘All Day’, he played both sides of the ball in his Junior season in a game against Fowler. As a result, he scored his first career touchdown. The bleachers and sidelines erupted in hysteria chanting ‘All Day’ in a ‘Rudy’ like moment that brought goose bumps to everyone in attendance.


Following high school, Paul attended Cayuga Community College from 2011-2013 earning his Associates Degree in Sports Broadcasting with a 3.8 GPA. This GPA was only lowered when he opted to take an ‘easy’ art class, and quickly found out his skill set of being an artist was limited to his voice, and not the canvas.

He transferred to SUNY Oswego to continue his dream, every semester making the Dean’s list. He also graduated Cum Laude in the Fall of 2015 with his baccalaureate degree in Broadcasting and Mass Communications. During his time at SUNY Oswego, he hosted several weekly radio stations. On several occasions co-hosting them with his old dad. Hence, Paul & Paul in the morning was born (yes I know we stole the premise). These few shows are some of the happiest moments of my life. To me, it’s sharing time with my son doing the thing we both love.

Activities, Hobbies, and the Ultimate Dream:

After graduation he continued pursuing his dream, quickly putting his degree to use as a Producer at ESPN Radio 97.7 & 100.1.

He has more irons in the fire at this point that would fill several articles. This list includes, but is not limited to: Leader of Inside the Loud House (you might have heard of it), Executive Sales rep for BMC Sports Radio, host and founder of Sports War Radio, and a few hundred others activities from articles, podcasts and radio producing. Of course, as you may all expect, he is always pursuing his dream of being a Sports broadcaster for his beloved New York Jets.

Thank you for indulging me as I bring some insights on the leader of Inside the Loud House. I am looking forward to seeing where his hard work, enthusiasm and dedication take him next. The sky is the limit for this hard working ‘Tough as Nails’ young man. There is not a father that is more proud of his son and namesake than I am. I have to run, until next time. I seem to have gotten something in my eye…