Syracuse Football: Build a Winner, and Fans will Come Back Inside the Loud House

Syracuse Football, once a premier college contender, has struggled in recent years. Is this a sign of things to come? Inside the Loud looks at how building a winner first will change the future trajectory of the program.

Syracuse Football used to acquire talents like Marvin Harrison, Jim Brown, Donovan McNabb, Ernie Davis, Walter Reyes, and so many others. What has happened to Syracuse that they no longer get these type of talented players anymore. Is it the coaching staff? The rise of other institutions into football schools?

My best guess would be this: a pattern of losing seasons creates a losing program, and hence a poor image as a football school. High talents used to want to go to losing programs to be the star of those teams and bring them to new heights. Now though, things are different, and players want to win now, and have scouts see them do so. After all, they want to have the brightest spotlight so they get noticed by the NFL and fulfill their career dreams.

Can Syracuse Still be a Football Destination?

Syracuse can still be a bright spotlight for NFL prospects. Its not a bad market. In fact, its the one major football school in New York. The Orange just need to land some elite talent (period) to get back to their winning ways.

Syracuse Football

The Carrier Dome used to be called the Loud House. Fans will come back to make it loud once again if the team starts winning again. First though, Syracuse Football must bring in the talent to build a winner. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Does recent history suggest Syracuse Football can get such talent to get back to winning seasons? Have they done so lately? Let’s check out how many ranked recruits Syracuse has gotten since Paul Pasqualoni was fired after an 8-8 record in 2004.

Recruiting Classes (2017-2006):

(Note: All Info below was collected according to

The answer is no: Syracuse has not landed elite talent in the recent past, so why would they suddenly start getting them now? Well, maybe the answer lies in the system and head coaches they have had. Lately, they haven’t been great. (Doug Marrone was good, until he left us)

Future Looks Brighter Now Than It was Before

Based on this list, the future looks brighter under Head Coach Dino Babers than it has been. Syracuse has their first ESPN 300 recruit, Tommy Devito, in more than a decade. Unlike years past, Syracuse Football it also getting more three star recruits than they did in the last couple of years.

In addition, under Babers, Syracuse football has finally stopped looking to bring in unranked players. Instead, he is bringing in the ones who are ranked. This is a huge step in the right direction if Syracuse wants to get back to its winning ways again.

Next year, Syracuse Football probably still won’t have enough talent to make Dino Babers new system run the way he likes it to. My guess though is we’ll start seeing winning results during the 2018-2019 season at the earliest. I hope Syracuse proves me wrong.

Syracuse needs to look at these past recruiting results and figure out a way to improve them going forward. That’s why I think its important to look back, in order to move forward. Seeing the first ESPN 300 recruit in the last ten years in this year’s class is a great start, but it has to continue.

I truly believe this old adage that “if you build it they will come”, as they say in the 1989 film, Field of Dreams (Gordon, L.&C., Robinson, 1989). I think the same can play apply to Syracuse Football. If they build a winner, the fans will com back Inside the Loud House.

Let’s hope Dino Babers continues to make bring in talent so Syracuse Football can return to its winning ways.