Syracuse football is hoping to have Tommy DeVito vs NC State

Syracuse football is hoping to have its quarterback Tommy DeVito in Week 7 vs NC State on Thursday night. Here are all the details.

A story that has somehow flown under the radar during the bye week is the health status of Syracuse football quarterback Tommy DeVito.

During the fourth quarter of the Holy Cross game, for some reason, Tommy was still in the game, despite the team being up 41-3. DeVito visited the medical tent and didn’t come back into the game.

In the post-game, Dino Babers had no update on Tommy and said he received a thumbs up from his starting quarterback that he was okay.

Earlier this week we spoke with Stephen Bailey of and he shared some more insight on the injury:

“Tommy DeVito suffered an injury vs Holy Cross in the fourth quarter. I just don’t know, I went back and watched the tape and it seems like he actually got injured on the first play of that drive. He was awkwardly scrambling forward and you could kind of see him holding his right arm on the side. It’s not clear exactly what it is. The trainers were looking at his right side. Maybe it’s the upper ribs or his arm. Neither Dino or Tommy seemed worried about it after the game. It could just be a situation that’s about rest and comfort. We’ll have to see what Dino says Monday. Either way, Tommy is definitely not a guy you want playing hurt behind this offensive line.”

Normally Dino Babers speaks to the media every Monday during the season for final thoughts on the previous game and some insight looking ahead to the next opponent. Since this was the bye week, the local media received no additional update on Tommy DeVito this week.

So far this season DeVito has thrown 11 touchdowns to just five interceptions. Which has resulted in over 1,234 yards passing and a 63.5 percent completion percentage.

Just the fear of being without their starting quarterback is alarming. Especially in 2019. The Orange don’t have a proven commodity in waiting. Instead, their options are Clayton Welch, Rex Culpepper, and David Summers.

None of these quarterbacks have experience or inspire much confidence under center. If Syracuse wants to achieve their hopes and dreams, they’ll need Tommy fully healthy under center. The next DeVito update will come on Monday morning October 7.