Syracuse Football: Dino Babers is a betting favorite for Florida State gig

Syracuse football head coach Dino Babers is a betting favorite for the Florida State gig. Here are all the details and if it means anything.

Syracuse football is back to .500 (2-2) after a thrilling offensive performance by Dino Babers and staff. Which means things couldn’t be better on the hill right? Well not exactly.

Do you remember back last season when Syracuse was in the national rankings and the whispers were growing louder whether Dino Babers would stay with the Orange?

With the rumor mill churning, Syracuse University handed a fat contract extension in December to keep Dino Babers here ‘long term.

Well, Syracuse University may have to break the bank again.

According to, an Online and US Friendly Sportsbook, Dino Babers is one of the favorites for the Michigan job if Jim Harbaugh is not the coach in 2020.

If that wasn’t bad enough, ACC rival Florida State may have an opening sooner rather than later with Willie Taggart on the hot seat. If that were to happen, Dino Babers is the betting favorite to replace him.

College Football reporter Brett McMurphy shared some of the details on twitter. One job that currently doesn’t feature Babers name in the rumor mill or vegas odds is the USC job.

While Babers has never mentioned a possible departure, this offseason may be unlike any other.

The fact that three big-time jobs like Florida State, Michigan, and USC would be open at the same time would be very unique and worrisome. Babers is known around the country as a good coach and owns a pedigree of turning programs around. He has done it everywhere he has gone, including Syracuse.

However, the decision may fall onto the University, not Babers. If the school decides to pay Babers like a coach at Michigan or FSU would be paid, maybe Dino will be around for many years to come, but this is something that the Orange has never done before historically.

Even if the money was there, coaching at Michigan or FSU is just different when comparing it to Syracuse.