Syracuse Football QB Tommy DeVito: ‘Can’t let Maryland beat you twice’

Syracuse football QB Tommy DeVito said it best after the Maryland loss. Here’s what he meant and why the Orange should embrace that mentality.

Syracuse football lost to the Maryland Terrapins in Week 2, 63-20, but now it’s over and time to move on.

Well, at least that’s the mentality of the Orange as they move forward towards a pivotal tilt vs the Clemson Tigers in Week 3. Tommy DeVito shared the mentality shortly after the matchup vs the Terps:

“As I said in the past, I don’t think the rankings had any impact on how we play football. We really don’t pay much mind to it. Y’all can rank us on the top or the bottom at the end of the day we still have to go out and play football.

As far as refocusing moving forward, coach always tells us this: don’t let them beat you twice. What he means by that is coming off of a loss you don’t want that to leak into the next week, you have to reset and get ready for the next game.”

Dino Babers has a lot of sayings and phrases that have become more and more popular over the years, but the one DeVito referenced is a personal favorite.

As bad as that loss was to the Terps, it’s over. Also, it only counts as one loss. Whether you lose by one point or 100, it all counts the same. Syracuse is now 1-1 on the season with another 10 games to go to define there season.

Believe me, Syracuse is going to have enough issues with the Clemson Tigers as is, they don’t need any additional things to think about.

By the way, speaking of this matchup here are some of the early numbers on this contest:

  • ESPN FPI Analytics have Clemson as a 96.6 percent favorite to win this contest.
  • The spread is up to 27.5 points, per the ESPN Pick Center.
  • The past two matchups have been instant classics, with both coming to the final moments. We’ll see if Saturday night can continue the streak of fabulous contests.