Syracuse Football: Jamal Custis got massive payday from Kansas City Chiefs

Former Syracuse football wideout Jamal Custis got a massive payday after the 2019 NFL Draft. Here are the details and what’s next for Custis.

Shortly after the 2019 NFL Draft, former Syracuse football star Jamal Custis signed on with the Kansas City Chiefs as a priority free agent.

Little did we know that Custis signed one of the richest deals of any undrafted free agent wide receiver over the last two years.

This little nugget was revealed by NFL Insider Adam Schefter on social media:

“Kansas City Chiefs were so determined to add more wide receiver talent that they gave undrafted Syracuse WR Jamal Custis over $100K in guaranteed money, believed to be the highest guarantee for any undrafted WR over the past two drafts, per source.”

How significant is this?

If Custis would’ve been taken in the seventh round of the NFL Draft he would’ve received a deal that guaranteed him around $60K. By going undrafted, he made at least $40K more than that, per Business Insider.

While there’s a certain allure to being drafted and hearing your name called by the commissioner, history has proven that late in the draft you’re better served to go undrafted. No not because occasionally you can make more bank, that’s more so the outlier.

The real reason is you get to pick your landing spot. After going undrafted Jamal Custis and his representation kicked their feet up and let the phone ring off the hook with offers pouring in. Want an idea what this looks like? Check out this in-depth behind the scenes video from the Indianapolis Colts (above).

During the NFL Draft, the NFL teams have all the power, they hold the cards. As soon as the draft is over, the power goes to the players because NFL teams are recruiting them to come to their teams.

So this is great news on several fronts:

  • Jamal Custis got paid which is obviously great news and a good start to his NFL career.
  • That also tells you what the Chiefs think of Jamal as a prospect. With that contract, he has a stable roster spot heading into training camp in late Fall. Nothing is given, everything is earned, but it’s a really good sign for his professional future.
  • Also more insight on the Schefter tweet: the Chiefs have some holes at wide receiver and some uncertainty with the Tyreek Hill situation. Custis didn’t just chase the money, he also chased a perfect opportunity to work with an MVP at quarterback who threw 50 touchdowns and over 5,000 yards in 2018. Not a bad landing spot for a wide receiver looking to make an impact.