Boeheim’s Army won’t settle for anything less than the TBT title in 2018

Sure, it’s the summer, but Syracuse basketball is still in full effect, as Boeheim’s Army prepares for a Super 16 tilt on Saturday in the TBT.

Boeheim’s Army, a collection of former SU hoops stars, is inching closer toward its goal of capturing the $2 million, winner-take-all The Basketball Tournament (“TBT”).

The No. 1 seed in the Northeast Region, Boeheim’s Army cruised past the South Jamaica Kings, 90-72, in its opening-round affair, the result of some hot shooting from beyond the 3-point line. Then, in its next duel, Boeheim’s Army snuck by Team Fancy, 60-55, to secure its spot in the Super 16.

So here we are. The stakes are getting a bit higher, and the pressure is growing. I’m absolutely nervous, yet equally as excited.

This Saturday at 1 p.m. in Atlanta, Boeheim’s Army will face off against Armored Athlete, the No. 4 seed in the Northeast Region. ESPN, we should note, will televise this Super 16 encounter, which is terrific, since I’m probably not going to make it down to the basketball facility at Georgia State University to watch in-person.

Should Boeheim’s Army emerge victorious over Armored Athlete, our beloved boys in Orange would subsequently suit up on Sunday, also at 1 p.m., for a spot in the Final Four. That, as we all must know by now, is unfortunately where last year’s run by Boeheim’s Army ended.

However, I really dig this current squad, and I have a gut feeling that Boeheim’s Army is going to win the whole darn thing this go-round.

But, before we jump ahead too far, let’s delve into Armored Athlete for a second. This unit initially handled the No. 13 seed, D.C. on Point, by a count of 85-69. In its second match-up, Armored Athlete mounted a massive comeback after intermission to defeat Gaelnation, the No. 5 seed, 75-73.

Per, guard Terrico White amounts to Armored Athlete’s premier scorer, at 22 points per game. He’s an alum of the University of Mississippi.

Unlike Boeheim’s Army, whose roster is solely ‘Cuse dudes, Armored Athlete has ballers from a range of programs, such as Indiana, Louisville, Miami, Oregon, Purdue, Rhode Island, St. Bonaventure and West Virginia.

This is going to undoubtedly prove a challenging task for Boeheim’s Army to conquest Armored Athlete. If we can successfully stroke it from downtown, crash the boards well, and lock down on defense, I believe that we will ultimately prevail!