Syracuse Football: Ervin Philips signs deal with Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Former Syracuse football player Ervin Philips has signed a priority free agent deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. ITLH breaks it all down.

The Syracuse football player who got the least amount of love at the Cuse Pro Day was 100% Ervin Philips. He was overshadowed by Steve Ishmael and all the other Orange stars on the team.

This proved to be a microcosm of Philips tenure with Syracuse.

Despite not getting the proper tender, love, and care he deserved, he finished as SU’s all time leader in receptions. Now that’s remarkable on two fronts. Namely he did that at a University that has two receivers in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Secondly, he did that without even being a receiver his entire career.

Yes it’s true, Philips was once a running back who converted to wideout. So he’s still somewhat raw as a receiver and hasn’t reached his ceiling, that’s good news for the team that took a chance on him following the 2018 NFL Draft.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers thought enough of Philips to sign him to a deal and on the other side of the fence, Philips thought enough of this organization to pick them.

Versatility and explosiveness…

Philips brings versatility to the Buccaneers and they can use him in a variety of ways on offense. On top of that he brings a special teams flavor to the team that can’t be forgotten about.

While Philips chose an explosive offense to join that has a slew of playmakers all over the place. It’s led by franchise quarterback Jameis Winston and then you have in no particular order: Mike Evans, DeSean Jackson, Ronald Jones, and an offensive minded coach.

I don’t think Philips could’ve picked a better location at the next level. But none the less, that’s another Orange star who gets a chance at the next level. A huge thanks and shout out has to go to the man in charge Dino Babers, without this offense these players might not have gotten these opportunities.