Syracuse Basketball: Howard Washington gets injured in practice

The Syracuse basketball depth just got slimmer thanks to another injury. Howard Washington has now been ruled out for the game vs Georgia Tech.

When it rains it pours in Syracuse, New York. A week after losing Matthew Moyer for the foreseeable future, it appears the Syracuse basketball squad will have to trudge on with another injury.

In a tweet by News Channel 9’s Steve Infanti he revealed that backup guard Howard Washington was injured at practice this week and is still being evaluated. Although it appears he is considered ‘out’ for the game vs Georgia Tech on Wednesday.

According to Infanti, Washington won’t make the trip to Atlanta and Moyer is considered ‘day-to-day’, but his prospects don’t look good for Wednesday night either.


The injury suffered by Washington occurred to his right leg and his status will be updated after the game on Wednesday.

This is horrific news for an Orange basketball team that hasn’t found its’ sea legs this season. On top of that, the depth of this team has been questionable all season.

The Orange will be playing a team in the Yellow Jackets who have lost four in a row. While the Cuse have found ways to win despite their depth issues, this one is going to hurt.

So far this season he has only averaged around six minutes per game and hasn’t been able to find a flow. Despite that, the Orange need as many healthy bodies as physically possible. Now SU will have to battle with just six healthy bodies:

But really here’s a reality check: Sidibe has battled injuries all season and this past game was an outliar. So assuming he’s going to remain healthy is a sketchy proposition. While Chukwu has battled durability concerns throughout his collegiate career.

Things don’t look great for the Orange heading into the meat grinder of conference play. If SU gets into ANY KIND of foul trouble, this team is in for a rude awakening. We’ll keep you posted with any updates right here on Inside the Loud House.