Syracuse Basketball: Frank Howard turnovers too much to overcome

The Syracuse basketball team actually put up a fight against Virginia. But Frank Howard’s turnover issues were too much to overcome. ITLH breaks it down.

Too much hero ball from the Syracuse basketball club resulted in their third loss in a row. Too much isolation and not enough ball movement. That was epitomized by Frank Howard trying to win the game.

Sure he had the three point shot going early and fans started to think that maybe this is Howard’s night to shine. Then he had several unforced turnovers that had millennials across the country texting SMH.

That’s where the Orange will get into trouble. When there’s no ball movement and there’s the merry-go-round of isolation ball.

Jim Boeheim even took him out of the lineup. Which is significant when you consider the lack of depth on this squad.

As a team SU finished with 11 turnovers and 7 of those were Howard’s fault.

Another interesting tidbit was why SU didn’t go to the press in this game. In the past handful of games, the press had led SU to victory over the Cavaliers in the past. Although as Boeheim iterated in the post game presser with the limited depth and the overall lack of consistent success led to this team not utilizing the press in this game.

At the end of the day, outside of an upset over the No. 3 team in the country, this was about as much as you could’ve realistically asked for. A close loss to a very good team. Syracuse had their chances in this game and if they shot better could’ve won. That’s the same thing we said after the Kansas game.

Up next for the Orange is another deadly opponent on the road in a top-25 game against Florida State. With a loss the Orange would drop to 1-4 in conference and would be one step closer to letting their season slip through their fingers.