Syracuse Football: Floyd Little reveals an exclusive all-time list

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(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Syracuse football legend Floyd Little came on The Score 1260 and talked about the team, the legend of 44, and an exclusive NFL list. ITLH breaks it down.

I’ve had the rare opportunity to meet and talk with Pro Football Hall of Famer and Syracuse football legend Floyd Little on several occasions. It’s a cool perk with the business I’m in doing sports radio in Syracuse.

Despite no longer living in Syracuse, Little is a mainstay and often visits the Salt City. While we missed having him in studio (in person) we did get the chance to get him on the phone lines to talk about the current state of the football team, the legacy of 44, and a rapid fire all-time list in the NFL.

It was a really fun conversation per usual and we pulled the best moments from the interview and transcribed them here on ITLH. Too often Floyd Little’s name is forgotten about in the hierarchy of Syracuse greats.

Everyone remembers Jim Brown and Ernie Davis, and you should because they were both phenomenal players. Davis was the first and only player to win the Heisman trophy at Syracuse (cough cough Don McPherson?) and the first African American to win the prestigious award. Brown is an all-time great, not only at Syracuse, but in NFL history. The same goes for Little who’s also in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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