Syracuse Football: Dino Babers All But Confirms Eric Dungey’s Future

Syracuse football head coach, Dino Babers, updated the media on the health of Eric Dungey. It doesn’t look good for his chances this season.

It’s been one of the hottest topics on the Syracuse football blog boards. Although it seems head coach Dino Babers will cut the suspense a little earlier than previous weeks.

In his weekly Monday presser he was asked about the current health status of his quarterback.

“No update on Dungey’s injury. And Zack (Mahoney) will most likely be the starter.”

So it seems this season for Dungey is all but over, but his future in Orange still very much remains

in question. When asked for an update on the second opinion Dungey is reportedly seeking, Babers simply replied, “I haven’t asked him, no.”

Why does Dungey have to be asked about the second opinion? Shouldn’t the coach know all the details?

This has been a very frustrating situation for Dungey because the University continues to refuse to use the “c” word. They simply say head/neck area and that multiple opinions are being sought out on the subject.

It’s hard to say truly how many concussions Dungey has suffered, but there have been enough that warrant career concerns.