Syracuse Football: Dino Babers plays to win the game

This Syracuse football team won’t be going undefeated anytime soon. But head coach Dino Babers’ ideology could help them win a few extra games.

Head coach Dino Babers has been with the Syracuse football program since early December. Since then, his message has been clear and direct.

One of those points he emphasized was the fact that he’s going to play to win the game. As classically opposed to playing not to lose the game.

So what does that mean? Well playing not to lose the game, could be as simple as playing conservatively in key situations.

The best example for Babers came in their most recent contest against the Louisville Cardinals. The spread for the game settled around 17 points given to Syracuse.

The Cardinals did what they were supposed to do and dismantled the Syracuse football team. The Orange gave up nearly 900 yards of offense and lost by 34 points.

The reason the numbers were so gaudy, is because Babers took several chances in the game. Some worked out and some didn’t, which may have played a part in inflating the numbers.

So what does the 34 point defeat mean? One loss says coach Babers. And what would it have been if they lost by 44 points? Still one loss.

Babers spoke about that with the media following the game. His mentality opens up so many opportunities for the Orange to get the patented “skin” on the proverbial wall.

Plus Babers is right, what difference does the totality of a loss really mean? The only thing it really changes is the headlines in the papers the next day.

We saw his daring philosophies as early as Week 1 against Colgate, going for it on fourth down in his own territory. Babers is putting all the cards on the table for this season and the future.

It’s exciting for this fan-base to understand that Babers is going to do everything in his power to beat teams. For instance, the Orange passed up a field goal opportunity against the Cardinals to try and get a touchdown and they failed.

While the team may lose a couple blowouts this year, the change in the team’s identity is palpable. The previous coaching staff always would have opted for the conservative strategy.

Ultimately the Orange revolution is going to take time to put together, but during this rebuilding process there should be plenty of excitement along the ride.