Syracuse Versus Indiana: We Still Hate Keith Smart

Featured Photo Credit: USA Today

“I always say that the history of the shot is always chasing me to do things the right way. It’s an honor, but it always makes me feel that people are looking up to that moment, and I have to make sure that I do all the right things. I still bump into people all the time who want to talk about. I don’t mind. I’ll talk about it as much as they want.” –Keith Effing Smart

This week will bring up all kinds of bad memories for Syracuse fans.

With the Orange matching up with the Indiana Hoosiers Thursday night in the Verizon Center, one can’t help but rehash the terrible thought of the 1987 National Championship game. Bob Knight and Jim Boeheim went toe to toe with one another, and Syracuse was more than in control of the game in it’s late stages.

Syracuse did what Syracuse does and missed free throws, and well…you know the rest. It is still considered to this day as one of the most memorable moments in NCAA Tournament history.

That shot is still talked about today in Central New York. For those against Jim Boeheim, that shot is pretty much lays out their argument of why he isn’t a great coach because he doesn’t have multiple championships (even though that argument is ridiculous). That shot was the result of what Jim Boeheim has called multiple times the most painful loss he has ever had, and is a nightmare that Derrick Coleman will never forget. That 1987 Syracuse team was one of the best teams in school history, but nobody in Syracuse can hear that year without thinking about that stupid, dumb, absurd, unbelievable shot.

As a result, Syracuse fans despise the Sacramento Kings for no reason more than their Head Coach. Orange fans still cringe at hearing his name, and wish they could erase him from memory for all of eternity.

This week will be painful, Syracuse fans. I’m not saying it will affect the team in any way since they weren’t born yet, but for fans this can be an opportunity for some closure with a win over the Hoosiers Thursday night. Syracuse has won a National Championship since that terrible night which eases the pain a little bit, but when the Orange and Hoosiers meet up in the nation’s capital Thursday, the memories will still be there. And for the Orange faithful, the hatred will still be there as well.

Lets hope the Orange can get some payback some 26 years later!